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Find out which keywords drive downloads to your app and monitor your performance over time.

Category rankings features

  • Total Ranked Keywords

    Knowing which keywords your app is currently ranking on is the first step in creating a successful ASO strategy. Our Overall Report feature digs into our entire database of more than 2 million keywords and shows you the total number of keywords your app ranks on versus your competitors!

    Total Ranked Keywords
  • Total Organic Installs from Keywords

    Going a step further, AppTweak provides you with an actual estimation of the number of downloads each of your ranked keywords drives to your app. Even better, you can use this feature to spy on your competitors and understand which keywords are generating the most downloads for their app.

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  • Keyword History

    Monitor your keyword performance over time in the most intuitive way. Find out if your app gained installs from branded or generic keywords. Have a look at your competitors and see how their keyword rankings and installs have fluctuated over time.

    Keyword History
  • Keyword Impact

    Find out exactly for which keywords your app has gained or lost organic downloads as result of a metadata update, competitor update or algorithm change. With our Keyword Impact feature you can finally compare the number of downloads per keyword on two separate dates.

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  • Keyword Movements

    Our Keyword Movements tool monitors over 2 million keywords and highlights when the keyword rankings for your app have changed significantly. This can help you understand which keywords your app gained or lost rankings on after an algorithm update. You can also use this tool to monitor your competition and identify when they made updates to their app that had a significant impact on their keyword rankings.

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Total Ranked Keywords

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