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    ASO Report right in Slack

    The AppTweak ASO Report is now available on Slack. The report is sent on a daily basis and gathers how your apps have been performing since yesterday in their category rankings as well as top and worst keyword ranking progressions.

    In just a glance, you can see if there have been any big unusual movements on your apps’ rankings across all followed countries and take action if necessary.

    Smart Insights as Slack Notifications

    You can configure your smart insights push notifications to receive them directly in Slack. You will be notified on a real-time basis whenever an app for which you activated push notification did a major change.

    Make sure you never miss a big change and get notified whenever your app is featured, a competitor makes an app update, we detect an store algorithm update and more!

    Get the ASO Slack app

  • ASO Report right in Slack

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