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Android Lifestyle December 21, 2017 4.7

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Version released on December 21, 2017
Bugs fixes and minor improvements including Tablet optimisation

Version released on October 16, 2017

Version released on March 20, 2016
* New display of number of results processed per session and in total
* New display of total project progress
* Multicore processing on select devices when unlimited wifi option selected
* Bugfixes

Version released on January 31, 2016

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App Description

We’ve all been touched by cancer. The only way we’re going to beat it is if we work together.

With DreamLab, there’s a new, easy way to help.

Researchers need supercomputers to crunch their complex data. And that’s where you and the DreamLab app come in. Because phones aren’t just phones anymore. They’re powerful computers. So let's put them to use for good!

When you power DreamLab, it uses your phone's computing power to crunch cancer research problems. When your phone is plugged in to charge, your device downloads tiny parts of a huge research project from the cloud to calculate, and then sends the results back to the research team.

Simply download the app (#) and choose which Project you’d like to support. You can also track the Contribution you've made and keep up to date with News.

The more people who use the app, the faster it works. Download DreamLab and help solve cancer… while you sleep.

DreamLab supports the Garvan Institute of Medical Research and is powered by the Vodafone Foundation.

*A compatible handset is required. Downloading DreamLab will consume data. Once downloaded, DreamLab can be used when your device (i) is connected to a charging source and (ii) has mobile network or WiFi connectivity. Mobile data to use DreamLab is free for Vodafone Australia customers on the Vodafone Australia network. Roaming incurs international rates.

# By downloading, installing or otherwise using the DreamLab application on your Device, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions found at vodafone.com.au/dreamlab. If you do not agree to be bound by these Terms, you should not download, install or otherwise use DreamLab Application.

App Screenshots

DreamLab Screenshot} DreamLab Screenshot} DreamLab Screenshot} DreamLab Screenshot}

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