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HNI HPAI Halal Mart An application for you, both HPAI Agents and consumers, to shop easily & safely

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    December 03, 2018

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Halal Mart is an online store focused on medication based on Thibbunnabawi or medication in the way of the prophet. This application has been created and managed by one of the leaders of HNI HPAI in East Java and is not an official application of the central office.

The HNI HPAI Halal Mart concept is based on herbal (non-chemical) medicine with the aim of making the community, especially the Islamic community, aware so as to switch/move to medicinal products that are natural and keep Allah SWT in mind as the giver of healing.

Hopefully, the existence of the HNI HPAI Halal Mart application will be a change for the better for our families in dealing with illness, and the final goal of the HNI HPAI Halal Mart is


Members and non-members can shop via this application.

The difference in price will be included in your balance, which can then be spent again.

The application is easy to use with features:

🚛 Automatic postage check

💰 Member balance top-up

📦 Dropship support

💬 Live chat with administrators

💌 Push notifications

📝 Testimonials

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