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Whack a Monster! FREE


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Android Games - Arcade 1.2 December 09, 2013 3.36

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Version 1.2 released on December 09, 2013
This is version 1.2

Enhanced support for FHD (very high resolution) devices.

Whack these Monsters! is optimized for the following devices: 7-inch, 8-inch and 10-inch tablets, smartphones with a screen size larger than 4 inches.

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App Description

You just landed on a foreign planet and decided to go for a little walk to explore the surroundings. Upon your return you quickly realize that you got your rocket stolen! Time to whack these little monsters responsible for this mischief...

There is absolutely no advertisement in this game. You get a clean App with no popup ads!

Be careful, not all monsters are equal:

The red and blue guys are bad and they deserve to be whacked. You will get 5 points with each hit.

The purple guys are super fast! Each hit will give you 10 points.

The yellow monsters are very clumsy and slow. You will only get 1 point by whacking them.

Finally, the green and orange monsters are on your side! Don't whack them or you will lose 10 points.

Now here is the second catch; as your points go up all the monsters will move faster! So not only do you have to decide whether a monster should be whacked or not, but you have to do it quickly!

The game is over after 5 misses! (in the full version).

The game is based on the famous arcade "whack a mole" game where you use a big hammer to whack moles as they come out of their holes!

Both the music and sound effects can be turned off but the game experience is much better with the sound cranked all the way up!

Use the back key on your device to navigate through screens and exit the game, which is the recommended approach by Google.

The FREE version allows you to play until you reach 300 points. At that point the game will reset as soon as any monster is missed. This will allow you to test the compatibility of your device before you decide to purchase the full version. The FREE version can also be played in demo mode when the score is below 300 since monsters misses is disabled.

Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Whack-a-Monster/911227805570811
Follow us on Twitter: @d14studios
Watch us on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s_K0Wco3yVA

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Whack a Monster! FREE Screenshot} Whack a Monster! FREE Screenshot} Whack a Monster! FREE Screenshot} Whack a Monster! FREE Screenshot}

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