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Android Auto & Vehicles 1.2.1 March 12, 2017 4.14

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Version 1.2.1 released on March 12, 2017
version 1.2 (86)

Version 1.0 released on November 27, 2016

Version released on January 01, 1970

Version 1.2 released on January 01, 1970

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App Description

Radiomize is the world's first smart steering wheel cover, turning any car into a connected car, in seconds.

A new way to stay connected safely while you drive, control your smartphone by addictively simple in-wheel gestures, reduce the risk of fatal collision due to distracted driving by up to 23% - That’s Radiomize.

Radiomize keeps your EYES ON THE ROAD, HANDS ON THE WHEEL AND MIND ON THE DRIVE, without disconnecting you from the digital age, while driving.

This app works with Radiomize Smart Steering Wheel Cover paired with compatible iOS devices via Bluetooth®.

* Gesture-Control: in-wheel gesture control. More than 18 gestures out-of-the box! - Radio On-Demand: Listen only to what you like. Refreshing in each ride.
* Real-Time messaging: Read aloud incoming messages.
* Active Safety: Accident warning & avoidance. * Driver Drowsiness Detection, Lane Departure Warning, Speed Limits alerts.
* Learns your personal musical taste, and preferred news channels.
* Quick-dial your contacts right from by a simple tap.
* Simple one tap navigation with Apple Maps / Google Maps / Waze.
* Localized: Supports 30+ languages.
* Radiomize is all about reinventing the digital driving experience: SAFER and much more ENTERTAINING driving experience than before! 

*“More than just an ingenious touchpad, Radiomize also includes a music and news "fusion" smartphone app that creates "personal, dynamic and mood-based" playlists for the user. Moreover, the more you use it, the more it learns what you like and adjusts what it serves up.” - Mashable, Nick Jaynes
“In short, it is one of those simple, ingenious products….” – Wired
“Radiomize Makes a Smart Car Out of any Steering Wheel.” - Gadizmo, R.J. Huneke 
“No More Texting While Driving: Radiomize Keeps Your Eyes On The Road, Saves Lives.” - NoCamels, Natalia Kushnir
“It adds a touch pad to your steering wheel, letting you control music, news and more on your phone without taking your hands off the wheel.” – Trusted Reviews, Joe Svetlik
“Radiomize aims to bring smart steering wheels to the masses.” - Gizmag, R.J. Huneke 
“The Radiomize is a high-tech steering wheel cover that is designed to make it possible for you to convert your regular old steering wheel into an intuitive touchpad controller that can be paired up with a smartphone, allowing you to enjoy connected car options on any car.” – Trend Hunter, Rahul Kalvapalle

Any questions or feedback? Check out:
Radiomize LTD. Web Site Radiomize™ Support

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Radiomize Screenshot} Radiomize Screenshot} Radiomize Screenshot}

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