Tabby (PRO) - Audio Player for Kids

Tabby (PRO) - Audio Player for Kids reproductor de audio optimizada para tabletas simple para niños de 1-6.

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  • Tabby (PRO) - Audio Player for Kids screenshot
  • Tabby (PRO) - Audio Player for Kids screenshot
  • Tabby (PRO) - Audio Player for Kids screenshot
  • Tabby (PRO) - Audio Player for Kids screenshot

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Test Tabby for free here:

(This player is currently designed for tablet screens! While it may work on other mobile devices it is not tested for such. If you are interested in seeing it optimised for smartphones please let us know.)

This music player is specifically designed for children from 1-7. The simple and static interface allows little ones to find and play their favorite songs and audiobooks by pressing colorful images.

This PRO version includes several features which be activated on demand to adapt the app to the skills of older kids. You can customize your track icons though ID3 tag images, show or hide a seek bar and on-screen volume controls, resume an album at the last played track, and set a sleep timer. Furthermore, you can sort your albums into different tabs for a better overview.

Note: The music files have to be provided locally on the device by the parents and need to be set up manually in the app. The app currently plays the most common audio formats such as .mp3, ogg, .mkv, .3gp, .mp4, .flac and .wav files, however other audio formats may work as well. In future updates, other sources for adding media will be added such as Spotify or Youtube.

Check our website for an overview of all features!

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