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Storellet - Prestige Membership for F&B Brands บัตรสะสมคะแนนของร้านอาหารที่คุณชื่นชอบในหนึ่ง app

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  • Storellet - Prestige Membership for F&B Brands screenshot
  • Storellet - Prestige Membership for F&B Brands screenshot
  • Storellet - Prestige Membership for F&B Brands screenshot

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With just one receipt and one Storellet app, now you can EARN POINTS, COLLECT POINTS and USE POINTS for loyalty and rewards programs offered by many restaurants in Hong Kong and Indonesia. Register your Storellet account today to save you the trouble of bringing all your restaurant loyalty cards.

Reward Your Loyalty in 3 Easy Steps:
Step 1) Select and join loyalty programs from many Storellet merchant memberships
Step 2) Scan the Storellet QR code on the receipt from Storellet partner merchants
Step 3) Get points, check points and redeem coupons all done inside Storellet

+ Join memberships: Select from Storellet merchants list and join their memberships to enjoy your welcome gifts
+ Save points using Storellet Scanner and Storellet Merchant Receipts: Points are saved automatically in your memberships with your joined merchants
+ Check rewards points: Check your membership points across your joined merchants easily within one app
+ Get offers: Use points to redeem coupons offered by your joined merchants
+ Use coupons: Simply present your Storellet app or your Storellet card number to your joined merchants on next purchase to use coupons and enjoy the offer
+ More rewards types: coupons, discount cards, stamp cards, Bingo games, discover the different rewards programs your joined merchants have prepared for you!

Storellet helps you organize your loyalty points from too many loyalty cards. Loyalty programs of all our favourite restaurants can finally be simplified in one single Storellet.

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