HELLO LARVA Pertunjukan komik terbaik di alam semesta, larva, telah lahir sebagai mainan pintar!

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    May 06, 2558

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The best comic show in the universe, LARVA, has been born as a smart toy!
This app is an exclusive app that is interlocked with the HELLO LARVA toy, allowing you to have even more fun with the HELLO LARVA toy.

1)SAUSAGE GAME: Try to give grilled sausages to HELLO LARVA. They like well-done sausages, but they are not happy when they eat burned sausages

2) RC LARVA: You can make Red and Yellow move through the HELLO LARVA app. There are controls for switching directions, laughing, and farting functions

3) MESSAGE GAME: It is hard to understand what LARVA says. LARVA answers when you send messages.

4) dance party: LARVA dances to 3 kinds of music

*Make sure you choose the same app character as your HELLO LARVA toy
* Red and Yellow can recognize each other only when “sing & dance” mode is on.
*The closer the front of HELLO LARVA gets to the smart equipment, the better it focuses.
*HELLO LARVA can’t focus or work well outside or in loud places.
*HELLO LARVA’s app recognition depends on the model of smart equipment used. (Functions may not work on old models.)

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