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With this "Talking Newspapers" software by DSH electronics you can read many English and American newspapers by letting your tablet or smartphone speak aloud. Furthermore, you can easily open a newspaper by speaking its name into the microphone.

The strength of this software is that it not only uses speech recognition but also has built-in smart filters that ensure that only the actual contents of each newspaper article is read aloud. Advertising, web links, etc. are filtered out and thus not spoken.

This app is also suitable for use by the blind and visually impaired.

To open a list with all newspapers you can say or type:

- "Newspapers".

To open a particular newspaper you can use the menu or say / type for example:

- "BBC".
- "BBC Sport".
- "CNN".
- "Daily Mail".
- "Daily Mirror".
- "Guardian".
- "Herald Tribune".
- "Independent".
- "New York Times".
- "Sunday Times".
- "The Telegraph".
- "The Times".
- "Washington Post" and more.

You will sometimes be asked to be more specific, because virtually every newspaper is divided into several sections or
categories. However, you can also select the desired item from the Menu.
Listen carefully to the titles in the list of available newspaper categories so you can call them directly. For example, say "New York Times Business".

This manual can also be read aloud by saying "Help" or "Userguide".
If you want more information about a particular newspaper you can say: "Help me with" followed by the newspapername.
Example: "Help me with The Independent".

We recommend that you select (or install) a good quality English speaking voice (eg from SVOX, Acapela and/or Google) for your Android.

If you like this app then we refer you also to our "BRAINZ" Personal Assistant software which offers thousands more similar features.

We wish you lots of pleasure with this software.

DSH electronics

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