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From morning to night and morning again, the team at UNILAD prop their eyelids open with matchsticks as they trawl that cyber-netherworld we call the internet to bring you the most relevant, the most shocking, and the most downright necessary content on the planet. The new UNILAD app is your ticket onto the carousel of breaking news, hilarious videos, funny features and real issues that UNILAD work to the bone to create.

What will the UNILAD app do for me?
- cure your boredom, instantly!
- notify you on breaking news to keep you up to date.
- give you a reason to ignore your surroundings.
- provide access to exclusive app-only content.
- allow you to bookmark content so you can save articles to read later, or offline.
- put an end to the tedium of toilet breaks!
- help to keep you clued in on THE most relevant and up-to-date content the internet has to offer.

Plus we have some exciting new features to come later this year.

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