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We all know the life transforming potential of good habits. Yet we've all fallen prey to the failed habit cycle. We start a new activity - reading, meditating, working out, etc. We're brimming with energy and hit the ground running. In a few days though, life comes in the way, and we take a few days off, having every intention of returning to it once life settles down. The days turn into weeks and before we know it, we've given up on the habit, or aren't doing it nearly as often as we'd like.

Potential is a virtual habit trainer, that helps us stick with an activity long enough to turn into a permanent habit. It does that by using principles from behavioral psychology to keep your motivation high. Some of the ways Potential helps are

Accountability buddy - Potential pairs you with others working on a habit. Seeing others successfully work on a habit each day acts as motivational trigger. And you get to talk to them and learn about their journey working on the activity.

Intelligent reminders - Potential will remind you to work on your habit at the right time, with messaging that is likely to get you going.

Loss aversion - Humans are hard wired to prefer avoiding losses to acquiring equivalent gains. Potential leverages that tendency to help stick to the activity.

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