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Do you struggle to subtract dart scores from the remaining total to know what is left? I do so I wrote this App. Using this App you can track two scores independently. You can start a game at any number you like. You can select different values to start at (maybe if you are giving a worse player a head start). Just type in each player's score into the score field and the table for that player updates to show what was scored and what is left.

How to use:

Most of the screen is taken up with two tables showing the scores made and what is remaining.

Firstly, select what the start scores are to be. The default is 501. Select the row with just 501 in it and the keyboard is shown. Type in the new starting score. Anything is acceptable as long as it is 2 or more. Select OK to make the number typed the starting value. Do this for each player.

Then start recording the scores for each player. There are two text fields at the bottom of the screen. Select the left field for player one and the right field for player two. When you select a field it changes to a yellow background colour and the keyboard is shown. You can enter any number up to and including 180. Type in the number using the keyboard and press OK to make this the player's score. The keyboard disappears and the score is shown for the player. The remainder changes to reflect the score given.

If you make a mistake and need to change one of the scores entered then just select the row in the table. The keyboard will be shown. Enter the correct score and then press OK. The score will be changed and so will all remaining scores that have been affected by the change in the score made.

You can start a new game at any point by selecting the first row in the table (the row with only a remainder value in it, where the score is usually will be blank) and entering a new start value. You will have to confirm this change if there are any subsequent scores.

There are two buttons at the top of the screen. One is called 'Checkouts' and the other is called 'Calc'. These two buttons lead to two In App purchase screens where the functionality of two of my other Apps can be added to this App.

Checkouts - This functionality can take any score you give it and tell you what the possible outs are using three, two and one dart. It can also update this value remaining and the possible checkouts as you supply the dart scores made.

Calc - This functionality makes it very easy to determine what has been scored by someone. It takes, at most, six button presses to determine the score for three darts. It can take a minimum of three if no doubles or trebles are scored.

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