eKneeBoard: The Complete Aviation Application

eKneeBoard: The Complete Aviation Application

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  • eKneeBoard: The Complete Aviation Application Screenshot
  • eKneeBoard: The Complete Aviation Application Screenshot
  • eKneeBoard: The Complete Aviation Application Screenshot

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NOTE: During the Application upgrade the NexRad Radar Overlay on seamless charts and old Weather Tab are OTS. They will be available after the upcoming application update.

The complete aviation solution for the iPad with a companion iPhone version; it includes Airports, IFR/VFR Charts, Flight Plans, Weather, Aviation Library, Aviation Courses and more.

Lower subscription price with "Pilot Bucks" Enhanced Airport Information that provides you with daily savings at no additional charge*

FREE Activation will grant you access to Geo-Referenced FAA information for the state of your choice. This subscription does NOT expire. No email address is required for activation. GPS, ADS-B Units supported.

eKneeBoard has over 2000 geo-referenced FAA airport diagrams, ideal for VFR or IFR flying. You get info on runways, taxiways, all the certified FAA airport information you expect and more! When eKneeBoard is connected to the Internet or ADS-B device, the related NOTAMs, METAR/TAFs, AIRMETs/SIGMETs, winds and other data for your flight, including all airport information, is updated and saved for easy access during planning and inflight use.

eKneeBoard has a complete set of charts; it includes "Super-Res" seamless sectionals, enroute, area charts and instrument approach procedures.

eKneeBoard offers Full Flight Planning tools that allow you to quickly and easily create a flight plan on any of the high-resolution seamless VFR and IFR charts. You can also quickly locate intersections, navaids, as well as search for the nearest airports and add them to your flight plan without ever leaving the chart! You can save/load your flight plans, reorganize waypoints, auto reverse your flight plan for your return, customize your airplane information, pilot profile information and file your VFR and IFR flight plans.


Temporarily OTS for application Update:->Integrated NEXRAD weather functionality includes both an "Animated Radar Mosaic" as well as layered NEXRAD weather information right on your Seamless Charts.

eKneeBoard will also get a complete DUAT briefing that is saved to the iPad for offline use. Weather charts & information also includes: Infrared Color, Infrared BW, Water Vapor and Visible Satellite and Prognostic weather charts and more! In addition, whenever eKneeBoard can connect online, METAR, TAFs, Winds & IFR/VFR Airport Conditions are transparently downloaded.

eKneeBoard makes it easy for you to learn on the go right on your iPad. You can choose from a vast library of courses. These include ATC Procedures, Private, Commercial, Instrument Rating Courses or if you’re done training you can get our Flight Maneuvers lessons that show you how to do all of the flight maneuvers, takeoffs, landings and emergency procedures. These courses provide a great refresher on how to execute each maneuver before your next Flight Review or Check Ride. Our full courses are available with an in-app purchase right in eKneeBoard.

You can add on "Pilot Bucks" Enhanced Airport Data that gives you over 3000 additional detailed Geo-Referenced Airport Diagrams (taxiways, FBO locations, etc.), FBO information (services & contact info), Fuel Prices, Hotels, Restaurants, Car Rentals and "Pilot Bucks" to save you money every day.

A free user account is required for the FREE FAA chart subscription. The ONLY requirement is that you assign a password to your account and select the state of your choice. Your email address, first, last name and CFI expiration dates are all optional.

*Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.
*An email address is required for syncing data between devices and taking some quizzes, exams and assessments in our courseware.
*"Super-Res Charts" and "Pilot Bucks" are marks of AnywhereEducation Inc.

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