GrupTrip: Group Travel Planner

GrupTrip: Group Travel Planner

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    December 27, 2017

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  • GrupTrip: Group Travel Planner Screenshot
  • GrupTrip: Group Travel Planner Screenshot
  • GrupTrip: Group Travel Planner Screenshot

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GrupTrip is a group travel mobile application that makes three annoying activities easier and more fun when traveling with others:

Group Travel Planner:
As much as we like traveling with our friends and relatives it can be annoying and cumbersome to agree on what everyone wants to do on a trip. GrupTrip becomes a group trip planner, allowing the trip group members to share their To-Do suggestions and agree collectively on a trip itinerary.

Group Payments Tracker/Splitter:
If you are traveling on a budget you will need to keep track of every payment you make or else serious damage is going to happen to you budget. Furthermore, when the group members start paying for each other, tracking digits and currencies can get annoying. You do the data entry and let GrupTrip handle the math for you.

Group Photos Sharing:
Why wait until the trip ends to get back to your computer and share your trip photos with the group. With GrupTrip, share your phone photos with the group as you go, and have a trip photo album complete before you land back home.

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