Guardians: Royal Journey

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Guardians: Royal Journey

Haypi Co., Ltd.,

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Apple Games 1.0.15 December 20, 2017 4.07

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Version 1.0.15 released on December 20, 2017
● New Features - New Towers: Let me introduce you the newly added towers, Super Cannon and Sandbag! - Bean System: Obtain beans by winning higher rank in levels. Exchange special Medals with beans. - Enhancement System: The max enhancement level of 6 kinds of towers had been elevated to Lv.15. ● New levels - Normal level: Lv.612 to Lv.641 - Elite level: Lv.81 to Lv.120 ● Difficulty optimization - Optimize difficulty on partial levels. ● Bug fixes and issue optimizations

Version 1.0.12 released on September 27, 2017
minor bugs fixed

Version 1.0.11 released on September 25, 2017
● New Features: - Medals: Medals will replace the achievement system in new version. Challenge yourself to get more medals. (PS: The rewards of achievement system will be dispersed into normal levels.) - Elite Level: By overturning the original levels in both strategy and difficulty, Elite levels offer you an all-new all-different gaming experience. (Enter the Elite level by clicking the ELITE in level introduction.) ● New levels: - Normal level: Lv.562 to Lv.581 - Elite level: Lv.1 to Lv.40 ● Issue optimization - Marquee Banner: Never miss a beat in main map with Marquee Banner. - Optimized the rules in checking walkthrough comments. - Optimized the rules in liking walkthrough comments. ● Difficulty optimization - Optimize difficulty on partial levels. ● Performance optimization - Optimized the appearance and visual effects of partial TOWERs and ITEMs. - Optimized the partial UI performance in Guardians. ● Bug fixes and issue optimizations

Version 1.0.10 released on July 24, 2017
● New levels:Lv.487 to Lv.496 ● New Feature: Automatic translator - The content of walkthrough tips will be translated automatically now. ● Issue optimization - Make the Pop-Up rules of AD more friendly. - Optimized the login rules between accounts. ● Difficulty optimization - Optimize difficulty on partial levels. ● Performance optimization - Optimized the partial UI performance in Guardians. ● Bug fixes and issue optimizations

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App Description

Guardians: Royal Journey is a fun and addictive strategy tower defense game brought to you by Haypi Co., Ltd.. With its cute and adorable art style and its casual gameplay it is perfect for gamers of all ages. The prince of the mushroom kingdom is in search of the legendary castle in the clouds and has embarked on a journey of adventure. But the world is dangerous, and the road is full of monsters and creatures looking to attack the royal convoy. Players shall join the Royal Guard and take on the heavy responsibility of protecting the prince, no matter what! The monsters assault has begun, the sentry has sounded the battle horn and the battle will begin at a moment’s notice! Plant defenses along the frontline and take command of the Cannon, Crossbow, Ice Ring, Electric Gem, Poison Dropper and other defenses, and let the monsters enjoy the bombardment of lightning, fire, ice and poison. Wage war to clear the field of battle and make way for the prince! Gameplay Highlights: - Featured Themes and Levels Grasslands, desert, volcanoes, underwater and other colorful and vibrant themes; Go through over a hundred different levels and checkpoints facing various challenges. - Various Modes Explorable Time Mode, Destroy Mode, Quest Mode, Blind Mode and other diverse gameplay modes. - Scores of Monsters, Towers, and Magic Orcs, Dark plants, scores of other monsters, a variety of villain units and BOSS monsters tend to attack in groups; Use dozens of towers and magical items, make powerful combinations to effectively defend against the enemies; - Achievement System and Unlockable Hidden Levels Explore levels to accomplish achievements and get rewards; Collect pieces to unlock hidden bonus challenges. Game Features: [Free Download] [Playable Offline] Network support not required to play game smoothly. Enjoy the challenges anywhere any time! [Social Online] Sync your data and share your high scores with the online community all across the world. You can also acquire more fun by interacting with friends!

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Guardians: Royal Journey Screenshot Guardians: Royal Journey Screenshot Guardians: Royal Journey Screenshot Guardians: Royal Journey Screenshot

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