Hop - Super Fast, Powerful email & Video calls

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Hop - Super Fast, Powerful email & Video calls


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Apple Productivity 2.3.4 November 29, 2017 0.0

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Version 2.3.4 released on November 29, 2017

Version 2.3.3 released on November 14, 2017

Version 2.3.2 released on October 16, 2017

Version 2.3.1 released on September 15, 2017
• Important iOS 11 fixs • Improve contact editing • Free Video & Audio calls to any email address • Added support for any email provider ! • Encrypted Email Messaging • Reply From Notifications • Added OneDrive Support • Folders Support • Undo Swipes • Pinned threads • Easier Unsubscribe • Quick Access to Files • Tips • Invite People • All ver 2 goodies: New Design • Exchange • Snoozing • Unsubscribe • Blocking • Calendar • Contacts • GIF support • Quick Replies • Powerful Search • Auto actions • Actions on Multiple threads and much more :) • Encrypted Email Messaging • Privacy is a very important element of any communication (especially email). It grants you the comfort to speak, collaborate and share information freely, without worrying about cybercriminals, hackers or ‘officials’ who might be listening... • We’ve designed Hop Encrypted Email Messaging to be super easy to use. You can quickly toggle between regular email and Encrypted email using the lock button. No codes, passwords or any hustle required. When active, the message and all attachments are safely encrypted. Encrypted Messages are seamlessly visible to all participants using Hop and one tap away for non Hop users. • Reply From Notifications - You can now reply from new message notification without opening the App :) • Improved Yahoo! Support - Switched to more secure and stable Yahoo! authentication • More Email Providers - AOL, GMX, DreamHost, Mail.com, Mail.ru • Undo Swipes. • Option to change the default browser. • Option to hide days without events in the calendar timeline. • Improved iPad support • Pinned threads - you can now pin important threads to the top of the thread list. Swipe a thread, choose later, choose pin. • Easier Unsubscribe - now available from the options menu in the message screen. • Quick Access to Files - quickly access all files from the left menu. • Tips - Master Hop with weekly tips available from the left menu.

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App Description

“An excellent design and ease of use” - Business Insider “If electronic mail had been invented today, it would probably look a lot like this” - TIME “Unlike any other email client you've used before” - Gizmodo A lightning fast and powerful email, Hop rescues you from inbox overload by vanquishing clutter and distractions. Streamline your email to fit how YOU think. Win the never-ending battle for speed, efficiency, and zero-clutter with Hop! Unified Inboxes - Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, Hotmail, Exchange, Combine work and personal email accounts for one unified, convenient inbox. Or, keep them separate for laser-like focus. Whatever you prefer, Hop lets you customize so you can work faster. Move Crazy Fast • Light Speed Replies - Tap the lightning icon to send a rapid response, even customize your own. • Swipe like a boss - Gain the Power of Gestures - Hop is loaded with them - so you can shortcut like a ninja. • Important Messages - Hop prioritizes your main inbox by conversations, so you can see through the noise and focus on people who matter. • Real Conversations - Slash through complex formatting to reveal a real flow of conversation. Hop hides signatures, email headers, and quoted text for easy reading. • Zap The Noise - Unsubscribe from newsletters, snooze a message, block a sender, and auto-archive entire message threads with ease. • Snooze Messages - Take care of messages when you want to. • See Through Walls - Visually browse all attachments ever sent by a person, without having to open emails one by one. • Fastest Search Ever - Search all messages, files and contacts instantly. A full search engine on your phone. Superpowers • Sixth Sense - Instantly know when your sent message has been opened. • Real Time Awareness - Hop lets you practically read minds by seeing when another Hop user is typing you a response in real-time. • Bend Notifications To Your Liking - Hop lets you tailor notifications exactly as you wish. Identify each contact with their own unique sound, only get notified for priority messages, or mute specific threads. • Organize By People - Hop powers up your contacts view, letting you jump back into open conversations or find attached media faster than a speeding bullet. • All-seeing, All-knowing Calendar - Hop converges all of your calendars (Google Calendar, Facebook, Apple Calendar) so you can see it all on one nimble screen. Groups: Open, Effortless Collaboration • Create collaborative, shareable workspaces in an instant while sparing your team from yet another app login. • Flow Together - Groups transform complicated email chains into easy-to-follow discussions. Wait, is this still email?! Oh yes it is. And badder than ever. • Instantly Share Without Boundaries - Sharing information into and out from the group is as easy as forwarding an email. Hasta la vista, login screens. An Arsenal of Expression • Messaging pushed communication to new frontiers, leaving email in the dust. But email is here to stay, and Hop gives it a modern makeover, breathing new life into our most common form of professional communication. • Attach From The Cloud - Conjure share links and files out of thin air - from your Google Drive, Dropbox or OneDrive - all from Hop while you compose your message. • Previous Attachments - quickly attach past files from your email accounts. • Audio Messages - instant recording and sharing of audio messages. • Express yourself vividly using GIFs. • Share a location or a place. • Doodle an idea or a message. • Quick Photo and Camera access.

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Hop - Super Fast, Powerful email & Video calls Screenshot Hop - Super Fast, Powerful email & Video calls Screenshot Hop - Super Fast, Powerful email & Video calls Screenshot Hop - Super Fast, Powerful email & Video calls Screenshot

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