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Apple Health & Fitness 2.5.1 January 23, 2018 4.72

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Version 2.5.1 released on January 23, 2018
More free generators! + Unreal Ocean: calming ocean waves + Tibetan Choir: overtone singing monks Less free bugs! - Downloads screen flickering is gone - Now playing icon in iOS11 Control Centre aspect ratio fix More design tweaks: - Faster loading - Removed old global volume + airplay controls: Control Centre does the same thing much better now!

Version 2.5 released on January 18, 2018
New year, new toys, joy, joy, joy! - New devices: iPad and iPhone X - New features: Landscape mode and iPad Multitasking - New shiny: iOS 10 integration We are very happy to bring you an updated myNoise to start the year with a bang! Expect another batch of updates for more iPad love and getting us closer to 100% VoiceOver coverage. Best wishes for 2018! The myNoise Team

Version 2.4.2 released on July 21, 2017
We have gone code-whisperer on the app and: - Downloads should behave now. - The favourites layout has been given a stern talking to. - Multigens are a bit more Voice Over-friendly but their report cards are not looking as good as we hoped, so things are going to change soon on that front soon, or so help me!

Version 2.4 released on May 19, 2017
Benny will be pleased, myNoise now comes with a SPACESHIP! And we've got a trendy new icon too! Also on the menu: - Fixed corrupted downloads - Fixed bugs with supergen - Fixed more bugs with favorites - Bugs, bugs, bugs and more bugs. Err.. Less. Definitely less! Maybe?

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App Description

As seen in the Wall Street Journal: myNoise® is free, with White Noise, Rain Noise, Ocean Noise, Binaural Beats, Spring Walk, Temple Bells, Tibetan Choir and Warp Speed, the ultimate white noise machine for Sci-Fi fans. ‣ "A better way to block distracting conversations when you work in an open-plan office or cubicle." - Wall Street Journal ‣ "Of all the ambient noise apps I’ve tried, myNoise is the best. It never repeats, it has top-notch sounds, and it is just plain fun to use." - Cult Of Mac. ‣ "We've covered many online noise generators in the past, but myNoise is different: it calibrates background noise based on your hearing range and listening devices." - Lifehacker. The idea behind a noise machine, is to make use of the noises you like to mask the noises you dislike. The concept is simple, works extremely well, and does not require expensive equipment, such as active noise cancelling headphones. Noise machines can be used in a variety of ways throughout your daily lives, and can be used by all audiences. They can not only help you focus while working in a noisy environment or help to settle your anxiety, but they are also useful in cases of insomnia or tinnitus. Fortunately, you don't need a specific reason to start listening to myNoise! Compared to conventional noise blocking machines, myNoise generators can be shaped to the frequency characteristics of the audible nuisance that disturbs you, and therefore achieve a better camouflage, or - in other words - a greater masking efficiency at quieter levels. myNoise will cover background noises whether you're trying to work, study, relax, or sleep. Listening to our sound generators in a quiet environment makes sense too, and is even recommended to enjoy their optimal sound quality. Let them become your best friend when it comes to soothing babies at bedtime, or during your meditation and relaxation sessions. Some of our noises are truly special: our so-called calibrated noise generators cover the entire audible frequency range, from 20 Hz to 20 kHz, over 10 color-coded octaves. Thanks to our unique calibration procedure, each calibrated generator can be made spectrally flat to your ears. As we get older, we all suffer from age-related hearing loss involving the higher tones. During the calibration procedure, we are able to measure your personal hearing levels, and adapt our calibrated noises - such as the rain noise - accordingly. You'll be surprised to hear frequencies you thought were lost forever! Calibrated noise generators also compensate for your audio equipment and listening environment deficiencies, including the presence of background noise and its nature. We regularly add new generators that you can find in the Download tab. Check them out, some of them are free to download. If you are a noise enthusiast, purchasing the "All You Can Hear" package guarantees that you will get unlimited access to all generators, including future ones. There are more than 150 generators available for download today, including 40+ calibrated ones. Enjoy! Terms of use: these sound generators are provided for personal/private use only. myNoise® audio stems are subject to copyright and shall not be used in any other context without permission.

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