Real Sheet Unlimited: Pathfinder

Real Sheet Unlimited: Pathfinder

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  • Real Sheet Unlimited: Pathfinder Screenshot
  • Real Sheet Unlimited: Pathfinder Screenshot
  • Real Sheet Unlimited: Pathfinder Screenshot

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Pathfinder Characters

Unlimited Character Sheets, fully editable

With this application you can create any number of character record sheets for Pathfinder, manage them, and save/import reusable data templates to/from your Dropbox account!


Application features:

- Dynamic character record sheets list

- When compiled, each row will show character name, level, race, class, AC, Saving Throws and Spell Resistance!

- Assign (or change) each sheet to a category: "My Characters", "Generals", "Players", "Assistants" or "Antagonists"

- DICE TABLE: Tap with 3 fingers on each sheet page to access the dice table area!


Character record sheets features:

- Text fields for each section and row

- Fill squares and other fields with a single tap

- Zoom capabilities

- A custom "Note Tab"

- Via AirPrint you can print your sheet with all data

- Save your sheet in Photo Roll

- Easy to reset data

- Internal data memory


Sharing features:

- EMAIL sending integration!

- FACEBOOK integration!

- TWITTER integration!

- DROPBOX integration! Save unlimited data template and import them anywhere you want!


- Simple and intuitive:

open the application, select edit and create your custom Pathfinder Character Record Sheets Database!

...and NO advertising!

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