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RESET™ is a project certification focused on Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and Health.

Launched in 2009 as a system for benchmarking healthy building materials, RESET™ is now being released in stages for use in projects.

Estimate the risk of chemical off-gassing at the design stage.

Using a globally accessible VOC calculator and a database of compliant materials, RESET™ is pioneering research on the cumulative impact of materials within an enclosed space.

Monitor results in real-time.

RESET™ prioritises on-going results and long-term occupant health.

Indoor air quality data is gathered via multi-parameter monitors, streamed to the cloud and accessed in real-time from any device.

Air quality must be within health levels 100% of the time during occupational hours in order to certify.

A holistic view of IAQ.

Tracking a single parameter like particulate matter (PM) can be misleading, giving the impression that a space is safe.

RESET™ takes a holistic view of IAQ and requires that a minimum of 5 parameters be accounted for:

- Particulate Matter (PM)
- Chemical Emissions (TVOC)
- Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
- Temperature
- Humidity

Changing the industry.

RESET™ provides an alternative to standard industry practise in which spaces are flushed out, tested, certified and unknowingly left to climb back up to hazardous levels.

Everywhere that matters.

RESET™ is applicable to interior spaces where air quality matters, be they educational, commercial, hospitality, healthcare, fitness, retail or residential.

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