Russian Tram Simulator 3D

Russian Tram Simulator 3D

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  • Russian Tram Simulator 3D Screenshot
  • Russian Tram Simulator 3D Screenshot
  • Russian Tram Simulator 3D Screenshot

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Become a tram driver in Russian City! Pick up all passengers at each station and drive your cool tram fast and carefully across the Russian City to the final station of your route. Explore this typical Russian City, earn money, unlock all trams, and abide by traffic rules (don’t get penalized). Download the Russian Tram Simulator 3D now and become the best tram driver in Russian City!

Game Goals:
- Carefully drive the tram to stations on time and pick up all passengers
- Observe traffic rules to avoid fines note traffic lights, signs, speeding, braking
- Get as much money as possible to unlock new trams
- Be fast, reliable and careful to receive time bonus money

Game Features:
- Many types of russian trams to unlock - Tatra T3, KTM-5M3 (71-605) and modern KTM-23 (71-623)
- Different day phases
- Randomly generated routes
- Livable Russian City with a lot of cool animated citizens
- Excellent detailed realistic passengers / pedestrians with elaboration animations
- Intelligent Transport System Traffic - Russian car industry legends such as Lada and UAZ
- Camera with salon and other kinds!
- Incredible 3D graphics, Explore the world!
- Addictive gameplay!

Want to feel like a tram driver ? Then Russian Tram Simulator 3D is your choice!

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