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  • TechRabbit - Satellite TV Screenshot
  • TechRabbit - Satellite TV Screenshot
  • TechRabbit - Satellite TV Screenshot

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TechRabbit is the ultimate tool for satellite technicians. TechRabbit helps techs to be more efficient, enables lead techs to better manage their teams, automates the paperwork process and eliminates many costly mistakes for techs.

● Route List: TechRabbit integrates directly with Agemni tech routing system. After logging in, a tech can pull up their list of jobs for the day. They are able to see customer information, receiver configurations, and all other useful info about the installation. Techs can also get turn-by-turn directions or call the customer directly from the app (iPhone).

● Inventory: Closing out a job is really easy with TechRabbit. The tech simply selects the ODU kit that was used, mounting hardware, any miscellaneous equipment and then adds the receivers. There is a scanner built into the app that can be used to quickly pick off the receiver serial numbers from the barcodes.

● Signature Capture: Techs can quickly capture customer signatures within the app. Once the signatures have been collected for the lease agreement, 3rd party, and other provider contracts they are submitted and stored electronically in your SalesRabbit web portal. The customer is also emailed copies of the contracts right away.

● Reports: Competition is motivation. Our dashboard provides leaderboards that techs can climb, and shows tech standings, which push them to get better and to climb higher. Techs can see customers they have installed and other past work orders.

● Channel Guides: Many customers want to know how to find their favorite channels with their new TV provider. With the TechRabbit channel guide techs can quickly lookup channel information for any satellite package.

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