ASO Timeline & Metadata History

Learn from your competitor’s metadata updates or spy on their mobile app A/B tests.

  • ASO Timeline

    AppTweak tracks all the metadata updates and A/B tests of any app in the app stores. As a result you can go back in time and analyze your competitor’s past ASO updates and see what worked or didn’t work for them. Or when you need inspiration to increase your app’s conversion rate, you can have a look at your competitor’s past A/B tests!

    ASO Timeline
  • Metadata History

    With AppTweak’s Metadata History feature you can dig deeper in your competitor’s past updates and analyze in more detail the changes they have made. Find out which keywords competitors added to their title or subtitle. Or take inspiration from their screenshot and icon updates.

    Metadata History
  • Update Frequency

    Wonder how often you should update your metadata? With AppTweak’s Update Frequency feature you can now compare your ASO strategy with your main competitors. Find out which element competitor’s change most and see how your app compares.

    Update Frequency
  • Benchmark

    Do top apps in my category update their ASO strategy according to seasonality? Which element of their metadata are top apps updating most often? Which apps in my category update their screenshots most often? Sign up today and find out!

ASO Timeline & Metadata History

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