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How It Works

Find growth opportunities across countries and categories

Market Share Analysis

Understand which categories or countries are experiencing the largest growth by analyzing app market trends based on app downloads across the world.


Connect your Apple & Google consoles and compare how your apps and games are performing in comparison to the market.

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Identify top players in your market

Top Charts Across Countries

Quickly identify in which countries your competitors have a strong presence or in which countries local apps are dominating the Top Charts

Downloads to Reach Top

Identify how many downloads your app needs to rank in the top 1, 5 or 10 in its category. Use this information to make an informed decision when choosing your app category.

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Uncover seasonality across categories

Seasonality Trends

Find out if your category generates more downloads during weekdays or weekends, and which month of the year generates the most installs.

Growth Forecast

Get an accurate estimation of the market share growth in your category for the upcoming months.

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Find new opportunities for growth!

AppTweak provides the best tools and support for scaling our ASO initiatives to the next level.

Daniel Carrero
Senior Marketing Manager

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Daniel Carrero<br /> Senior Marketing Manager