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AppTweak Adds Apple Search Popularity for Canada, Mexico and Switzerland

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AppTweak Adds Apple Search Popularity for Canada, Mexico and Switzerland

This is some great news for you, app marketers and developers! Apple has just made Search Ads available to new storefronts! You can now extend your Search Ads campaigns to Canada, Mexico and Switzerland.

Once again, AppTweak is the first ASO tool to provide you with the Exact Keyword Search Popularity in these countries. Wait no longer and use this amazing opportunity to boost your app’s visibility!

Reactivity, one of our main priorities

Our tool is constantly updated with the latest algorithm changes and store data. As a reminder, AppTweak was the first ASO tool to integrate Apple’s Exact Search Popularity, provided along with Search Ads.

On April 21st 2017, we announced the integration of the exact Search Popularity (Volume) for keywords in the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand, in addition to the United States, available since over a year ago. This, when Search Ads were not even available yet in these regions (live on April 25th).

We’ve actually repeated this scenario for the 3 new countries that have been added to the Search Ads programme. The Search Popularity (Volume) you can now see on AppTweak for keywords in Canada, Mexico and Switzerland comes directly from Apple.

Image Source: Apple

Image Source: AppTweak

Search Ads, Search Popularity, AppTweak features… here’s a recap:

  • AppTweak has a big focus on data accuracy. We always seek to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and store changes.

  • Search Ads are now available in: US, UK, AUS, NZL, CA, MX, CH.

  • Apple’s Search Volume is an indicator between 5-100 that is related to the country (not the language).

    We’ve noticed that Apple’s Search Popularity values are actually concentrated in the lower scale and rarely goes above 55, except for extremely popular words like “game” or big famous brands (Facebook, Snapchat, etc.).

    To give you a better idea, we’ve found out that only 20 keywords have a Search Popularity score above 82 in the US. 19 of them are brands.

    Also, we estimate the median for US keywords Search Popularity at 27: this means that there are as many keywords below 27 than there are above 27. You therefore need to be careful in the interpretation of this score. A keyword with a 25-35 Search Popularity is already a fairly popular keyword!

    Also, the Search Popularity is not global. A keyword can have the same Search Popularity in two different countries without representing the same amount of searches globally. It is relative to the country’s size.

Here are a few testings we’ve made with various keywords in different countries (October 18th, 2017):

keyword / country AUS CA CH MX NZ UK US
snapchat 100 95 99 87 97 100 100
game 57 57 50 38 50 63 65
juego 5 6 5 43 5 5 34
jeu 5 47 44 5 5 11 18

As you can see, these testings confirm that the Search Popularity has been updated in each of these countries. The keyword “juego” (“game” in Spanish) has a very low Search Popularity in all countries where Spanish is not a national language. However, it has a good Search Popularity for Mexico (43) and the US (34). Same for the keyword “jeu” in Canada and Switzerland (“game” in French).

  • AppTweak now provides Apple’s Exact Search Volume for all available Search Ads countries: US, UK, AUS, NZL, CA, MX, CH.

  • For other countries and for the Google Play Store, we do our best to provide you with the most accurate Search Volume estimation. We have build a unique and constantly improving formula that is integrating multiple parameters coming from the stores (and not only from mobile web searches, like most of our competitors).

Search Ads Intelligence Dashboard

Aiming at improving users discovery, Search Ads enable advertisers to bid on keywords that would display them first in the Search results. Ads can appear on various demographic segments (age, gender, location) and also on device (iPhone, iPad).

We’ve recently launched a new Search Ads Intelligence Dashboard allowing you to get all the insights you need to audit and optimize both your app’s Organic and Search Ads Keywords Share of Voice (SOV).

You can also spy on your competitors bidding keywords and track their SOV very easily. Not only Search Ads are interesting in terms of user acquisition, they are also very helpful to understand your competition’s tactics in terms of semantics. This can help you optimize your keywords selection for your app’s metadata (ASO).

Image Source: AppTweak

Our Search Ads Intelligence Dashboard is currently available for the US, UK, AUS and NZL but we are already working on adding this feature in the new Search Ads available countries (Canada, Mexico and Switzerland), which will be live very soon. Stay tuned!

Wait no longer to review your Keywords!

It’s time for you to go to AppTweak and review your Keywords selection with the new Search Popularity Score.

Most of your competitors are probably not aware of this news. You have therefore the chance to outrank them on new opportunities by adjusting your strategy.

Where can I find the new Search Popularity indicator on AppTweak?

You can find the Search Popularity (=Volume) at the exact same place as before. Simply go to your app’s ASO report and then click on the “Keywords tab”. Go to the “Keywords Analysis” table to view any keyword search Popularity.

We will definitely keep you posted on when we add new languages, but be certain that we will carefully follow Apple’s releases!

Don’t forget to give us feedback and share your love on social media!

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