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Custom product pages (CPP) have been a game-changer for app store optimization. Instead of relying on a single set of app screenshots for various placements across the App Store, custom product pages allow marketers to showcase multiple sets of screenshots, each highlighting use cases or features that better align with different user intents.

We are excited to launch CPP Explorer, a dedicated space to get powerful insights into your competitors’ CPP strategies. With CPP Explorer, analyze the features and benefits your competitors showcase in their paid campaigns and instantly see all the keywords they’re targeting with custom product pages.

With a Scale or Enterprise plan, now find powerful insights into CPP and your competitors’ marketing strategies across AppTweak.

What are custom product pages (CPPs)?

Custom product pages allow app marketers to create additional versions of App Store product pages, each highlighting different features or content. Each set of custom product pages is accompanied by a unique link that can be leveraged in ad campaigns, including popular platforms like Apple Search Ads.

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Targeting specific keywords via CPP allows marketers to present their apps in a more tailored and engaging manner based on specific search queries. As a result, CPP can help your app stand out from the competition, make a more memorable first impression, and increase conversions.

Below, we’ll explain how you can find new insights into your competitors’ app marketing strategies and view custom product pages for any app or keyword, directly on AppTweak.

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CPP Explorer: Spy on competitors’ CPP strategies on AppTweak

Let’s say you’re developing a mobile browser with a built-in VPN. To learn from your competitors’ app marketing strategies, you could take a look at the custom product pages of your main competitor, Opera.

CPP Explorer AppTweak custom product pages
Custom product pages (CPP) for Opera, United States. Source: CPP Explorer, AppTweak

A quick search of “Opera” uncovers the app’s strong Apple Search Ads strategies. As shown above, Opera’s custom product pages show screenshots comparing the browser with another well-known browser, Firefox. In its first CPP, Opera grabs the attention of store visitors with a smart play-on-words, “Fire the Fox,” utilizing direct calls-to-action like “switch to Opera” and “upgrade your privacy online now.”

With CPP Explorer, we can also see above that Opera’s CPP appears for competitor-specific keywords like “mozilla firefox” and “firefox focus,” indicating the app’s strategy to provide an alternative offering to top competitors. Targeting competitor brand terms via CPP is an effective way to try and capture part of your competitors’ visibility and downloads.

CPP Explorer AppTweak custom product pages
Custom product pages (CPP) for Opera, United States. Source: CPP Explorer, AppTweak

You can also choose to “show default page” to compare this app’s default screenshots to its CPP. For instance, above we see another of Opera’s custom product pages now targeting VPN-focused users. Rather than highlighting its AI functionalities (as on its default page), Opera uses CPP to showcase its built-in VPN while also targeting VPN-related keywords.

View all the apps running CPP on a specific keyword

Rather than analyze all the custom product pages for a specific app, we can also view all the apps running CPP for a specific keyword. When choosing the best keywords for your Apple Search Ads campaigns, it can be particularly interesting to see which other apps are targeting your search terms of interest.

AppTweak CPP Explorer custom product pages
Custom product pages (CPP) for the keyword “vpn” from McAfee and Opera, United States. Source: CPP Explorer, AppTweak

For example, let’s take a look at the apps targeting the keyword “vpn” with CPP. In just a few clicks, we can scan CPP Explorer results to understand each app’s approach, what they emphasize, and how you could differentiate or find new inspiration.

Above, we see that McAfee’s first two screenshots highlight its “unlimited” and “secure” VPN. On the other hand, its competitor Opera emphasizes its “built-in” VPN and the app’s “free” price, while also mentioning its “ad-blocker” and “crypto wallet.”

Just above each CPP, we also see app-specific metrics, including organic ranking (the app’s ranking in organic search results for this keyword) and its app power (indicating the overall strength of each app).

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After identifying interesting keywords for your strategy with CPP Explorer, you can then use the Live Search to view live search results for any keyword. For instance, we can easily compare the top results for the keyword “vpn,” and see that the majority of apps showcase a monthly subscription right underneath their placement.

Live Keyword Search AppTweak
Search results for keyword “vpn” on the US App Store. Source: Live Search, AppTweak

To better understand paid and organic competition, we could also look at the apps bidding on a specific term via ASA (“Bidding Apps”) or explore past organic search results for that keyword (“Past Results”).

AppTweak Keyword Explorer - Live Search
Get a historical view of search results for any keyword. Source: Keyword Explorer, AppTweak


Custom product pages (CPP) are a powerful tool for app developers to better differentiate their apps, strategically target new audiences, and increase downloads.

On AppTweak, spy on and analyze your competitors’ custom product pages to gain valuable insights into App Store strategies. With CPP Explorer, visualize custom product pages for any app or keyword and find new inspiration to increase your App Store visibility.

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