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See Which Apps Are Listed in 'Similar Apps'

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See Which Apps Are Listed in 'Similar Apps'

Which apps are Apple and Google associating to your app? Do your competitors have the same suggested apps? Which apps appear in the suggestions of both your app and your competitors? These are all questions you’ll now be able to answer thanks to our new Similar Apps section in the AppTweak Overview.

What are Similar Apps?

When you look at an app’s profile page on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, you’ll find that both stores suggest a series of related apps at the end of the page. The suggested apps are often apps that could also appeal to the user that has landed on your app’s profile page.

You May Also Like apps of Candy Crush Saga on the App Store vs. Similar Apps of the same app on the Play Store.

You May Also Like apps of Candy Crush Saga on the App Store vs. Similar Apps of the same app on the Play Store.

On the App Store, Apple suggests a list of up to 15 apps the user “May Also Like”. On the Play Store, Google gives a series of suggestions, most of which depend on the user’s profile. In the Similar Apps section, Google lists up to 200 apps that are similar to the viewed app.

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Discover the suggested apps on any App Profile

We’ve added Apple and Google suggested apps to the AppTweak Overview, so that you can check which apps each store is associating to your app. More interestingly, you can also easily check the suggested apps of your competitors too. You can better understand how close you are to competitors, and which apps are consistently appearing in the suggestions.

Suggested Apps in the AppTweak Overview

“You May Also Like” apps for Candy Crush Saga in the AppTweak Overview

This feature can also help discover new competitors, either existing apps you hadn’t thought of or newcomers that are gaining in popularity. It’s important to note that the suggestions vary from one country to another, so you can use the feature to identify most appropriate competitors across countries. Some apps can perform better in a specific market and be more threatening to your app in that area.

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Similar Apps and ASO

This new addition to the App’s Overview page will help you better understand which apps you should focus on when monitoring and benchmarking your app’s performance. We hope it will help you identify new competitors and bring further insights as to how your app compares to other similar apps.

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