AppTweak Wins ASO Tool of the Year at App Growth Awards!

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We’re ending 2021 on a high! We are so happy to announce that AppTweak was named “ASO Tool of the Year” at the App Growth Awards during this year’s App Promotion Summit Berlin. We couldn’t be prouder of the AppTweak team for yet another successful year; read on for a recap of these incredible past 12 months!

Building the World’s Best App Store Optimization Tool

Since our launch in 2014, AppTweak has remained committed to building the most accurate, transparent, and easy-to-use ASO tool on the market. As such, being named ASO Tool of the Year means the world to our entire team and shows that hard work really does pay off!

Just a few weeks ago, AppTweak was also recognized as one of the 50 fastest-growing tech companies in Belgium for the third year in a row. With revenue growth of 463%, our success comes from our agile product development, cutting-edge data, and highly personalized customer service.

“We are proud and honored that AppTweak has been named ASO Tool of the Year at the App Growth Awards 2021. Our success is the result of fantastic support and continuous feedback from our clients and partners, and the entire team’s hard work and commitment to make the best ASO tool on the market.” Olivier Verdin, CEO & Co-Founder of AppTweak.

AppTweak Wins ASO Tool of the Year at App Growth Awards 2021

A Year of Cutting-Edge Data and Innovative Product Releases

AppTweak differentiates itself from its competitors by continuously developing and launching innovative features that combine accurate app store data with proprietary machine learning algorithms. Unique data like the Keyword Installs Estimates (a client favorite!) help mobile leaders increase their organic installs and boost app performance—the main goal of ASO.

Recognized as the world’s leading ASO tool for apps and games, AppTweak’s achievements are unprecedented and unparalleled. In 2021 alone, we developed countless innovative features driven by advanced data science; below, we’ll name just a few…

World-Class Analytics

We know our Analytics feature is crucial for our clients to measure the impact of their ASO efforts. In 2021, we worked hard to upgrade this feature by simplifying its structure and offering more insights, such as:

  • Cross-country and cross-competition insights: Our customers can now effortlessly compare all KPIs across major markets, and compare them with competitor estimates in one single graph.
  • ASO Impact: This groundbreaking feature automatically plots ASO events (e.g., metadata updates, app store featuring, algorithm updates, etc) on any graph to better understand their impact on downloads, revenue, conversion rate, category rankings, and more.
  • Downloads to reach top rankings: This new KPI estimates how many downloads an app needs to reach a certain rank in its category.

Discover how and why we upgraded our Analytics to help you measure app performance even more efficiently.

Analytics feature on AppTweak. After integrating the store console, this app saw downloads drastically increase after an icon change.Analytics feature on AppTweak: After integrating its store console, this app saw downloads drastically increase after an icon change.

What’s New in Reviews and Ratings

To help you understand the real impact of your app’s ratings and reviews, we fully updated this section of our ASO tool! In line with our Analytics updates, we focused on facilitating competition monitoring and providing more actionable insights, including:

  • Cross-competition insights: Our customers can now analyze all their reviews and ratings KPIs across different competitors.
  • Reply to reviews directly on AppTweak!
  • Benchmarks: To present app developers with more context around their KPIs, we now provide benchmarks to compare an app’s average rating with the top players in its category.
  • Ratings to reach top scores: For developers who actively want to implement a strategy to improve their average ratings, we developed a calculation estimating the number of ratings an app needs to reach a certain score.

Understand the importance of replying to reviews, and learn how you can do this directly on AppTweak!

Our upgraded Reviews and Ratings tools allow you to compare your app’s KPIs with competitors to identify strengths and weaknesses, and contextualize your results.Our upgraded Reviews and Ratings tools allow you to compare your app’s KPIs with competitors to identify strengths and weaknesses and contextualize your results.

Improved Browse and Explore Features

This year, AppTweak became the first ASO tool to help app marketers assess the impact of their app store featurings! Having majorly developed our Browse/Explore tab, we added even more KPIs to help users understand the complete picture of their app’s (and their competitors’) visibility gains from featurings. For example, we added the following insights to our featurings tools:

  • Cross-competition insights: In one graph, customers can analyze the visibility their apps received after being featured on the store, and compare this to competitors.
  • Opportunities: We now highlight the editorial collections your competitors were featured in to present any missed opportunities for increased visibility.
  • Impact: After syncing your App Store Connect with AppTweak, you can also attribute the impressions, downloads, and page views attributed to specific featurings.

Learn how AppTweak provides advanced insights about your app’s featurings.

Fluctuations in Browse downloads while this app was featured on the App Store.On AppTweak, we saw this app experience fluctuations in Browse downloads while/after being featured on the App Store.

Fundraising, Goals, and Big Ambitions

Having raised $22 million in Series B funding from one of our early investors, Media Group Rossel, 2021 is just the beginning of AppTweak’s second-stage growth rocket! While continuing to grow our offices in Brussels, San Francisco, Tokyo, and Bengaluru, we will also work to strengthen AppTweak’s international presence by launching several new locations in the APAC and EMEA regions over the next three years.

Our ambitious plans also include diversifying managed services for our Enterprise clients to support the growing demand for tailored app growth recommendations. Alongside this, we will (of course!) keep growing our ASO platform with more innovation and more unique features than ever before.

We’re looking for motivated and talented people to help us grow faster and stronger. Don’t wait any longer to join this incredible adventure!


AppTweak was named “ASO Tool of the Year” at the App Growth Awards 2021! It’s amazing to be recognized as the leading ASO tool by industry experts and market leaders, and pushes us even further to ensure AppTweak remains the best-in-class ASO platform available!

On behalf of the entire team at AppTweak: Thank you to all of our fantastic users, customers, and partners, some of whom have trusted us ever since our beginnings in 2014! We are so grateful for the support and feedback we continue to receive, as AppTweak would not be the same without your help.

We have lots of new features and tool improvements lined up for 2022, so stay tuned—you won’t want to miss out! Now let’s keep the ball rolling and make 2022 our best year yet!

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