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Get Advanced Insights About Your App’s Featurings

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Get Advanced Insights About Your App’s Featurings

Good news - we have completely revamped our featurings section! After conducting multiple feedback sessions, client interviews, design iterations, and developments, we are now happy to present our new and improved Browse/Explore tool. Our team loves the result; we hope you will too!

Receive an Overview of Your App’s Featurings

Competition summary

When working on the revamp, the main feedback we received from users was to include more measurable data related to their apps’ featurings. To save more of our client’s valuable time, we added a summary with essential KPIs, charts, and tables. In just one look, you can now understand the complete picture of your and your competitors’ visibility gained from featurings.

Taking the example of Headspace and its competitors on the US App Store, we can directly visualize on a bar chart that Calm has gained the most featurings over the last 6 months.

AppTweak ASO Tool

On the right, the line chart represents a historical view of each app’s daily featurings. Over the past 6 months, Calm has continuously gained the most featurings, with Headspace coming in second.

AppTweak ASO Tool

The table underneath the charts summarizes each app’s key figures. Headspace gained almost 700 featurings, while Calm had almost 1100 (35% more featurings than Headspace). All apps increased their total number of featurings compared to the previous 6 months. This shows that Apple is giving more and more importance to Browse traffic.

Featuring details

If you scroll down the Overview page, you’ll find all the featurings related to the provided summary. These featurings are organized into three categories:

Your unique featurings

These are the groups, banners, or stories where your app was featured but your competitors were not.

AppTweak ASO ToolThis can include featurings where the main app was featured alone, such as the “App of the day”. This could also be a story featuring several apps but including none of the selected competitors.

Your shared featurings

These are the groups, banners, or stories where your app was featured alongside at least one selected competitor.

AppTweak ASO Tool

For example, the group “Invest in Your Mental Health” featured Headspace as well as Calm, Breathe, and Aura.

Missed opportunities

These are the groups, banners, or stories where your app missed a chance to be featured while at least one selected competitor was featured.

AppTweak ASO Tool

This last section is very important because it’s where you can take action! For example, Sleep Cycle, Breathe, and Calm were featured in the group “Apple Watch Starter Kit” while Headspace was not. How can we explain this? Is it because Headspace does not have an Apple Watch app? Or because the app they have is not good enough? Or is it simply because Apple did not have Headspace in mind when building this list? These are questions that you can ask your Apple representative so that your app gets the visibility it deserves next time.

Discover Which Keywords Display Stories In Search Results

When you perform a search on the App Store, you are exposed to different types of results, including search ads, organic results, app collections, subscriptions, and stories. These stories are often older featurings that continue to run on keywords although they first appeared in the Today tab months ago.

👉 Learn more about story keywords

In this section, we wanted to track the stories that currently rank for certain keywords and that feature your app or your competitors’. To simplify your analysis, we decided to keep the same unique/shared/missed structure that we just presented, but with a little extra twist: When you hover on a story, you will see a blue badge that shows the number of keywords for which this featuring is displayed.

AppTweak ASO Tool

Click on this button to get all the details about this story:

AppTweak ASO Tool

In this example, the story “A more relaxing way to run” appears in the search results for 379 keywords. When we look at the list of keywords, we see that most include the Nike brand since the story is promoting a new partnership between Headspace and Nike.

Estimate the Impact of Being Featured in a Story

It can be difficult to estimate the share of App Store Browse traffic that can be attributed to a featuring. Once again, we aimed to simplify ASO for our users by providing a small formula to help measure the impact of featurings.

In the Impact tab, users who have synced their App Store Connect accounts will be shown a chart of their App Store Browse traffic in terms of downloads, page views, and impressions. On this chart, you will find vertical lines marking the dates when the main app was featured in a story.

AppTweak ASO Tool

Below the charts, the table provides an estimation of the number of downloads, page views, and impressions gained from each story.

AppTweak ASO Tool

For example, this app gained an uplift of 98 downloads, 1.5K product page views, and 17.5K impressions. This may not seem like much but if you look at the percentage growth, this actually constitutes an increase of 1633% downloads!

AppTweak ASO Tool

How do we attribute traffic to a featuring?

We take the median daily downloads (or product page views/impressions, depending on the selected metric) over the last 30 days and then compare this number with the value on the date of the featuring. If the variation is positive, we consider the uplift to be attributed to the featuring.

AppTweak ASO Tool

Of course, this is just an estimation. The formula is not yet perfect and could be skewed by other extraneous variables that may affect your app’s ‘Browse’ traffic during the same period as the featuring.

Compare How Frequently Your App Features in App Collections

On the Google Play Store, apps are often featured in collections of apps with a common theme. For example, if you browse the Business category, you’ll find a group of apps called “Perfect your resume”.

AppTweak ASO Tool

👉 Use app collections to identify the best competitors for your app

To better understand the content of these groups and the visibility that each app receives, we created the “Collections Table”. In this table, you can compare how frequently your app and your competitors’ apps get featured.

AppTweak ASO Tool

In this example, we see that Spotify has the highest visibility in most groups while Deezer, its biggest competitor in France, is featured only half as much. It is also interesting to note that the competitors are only featured in the category “Music & Audio’’ while Spotify is also featured in “Wear OS by Google”. This could encourage the competitors to invest more effort into their app’s compatibility with other Google devices.

Finally, this revamp was also the opportunity to rework our overall user experience. As you may have noticed, we have added multiple views, filters, and translation shortcuts throughout the whole feature to help you navigate the data more smoothly.

We hope that you are very excited about this new feature. Please share your feedback with us to help continue improving AppTweak!

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by ,  Junior Product Manager at AppTweak

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