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Good news! We have completely revamped our Featurings section! After conducting multiple feedback sessions, client interviews, design iterations, and developments, we are now happy to present our new and improved Browse/Explore tool. Our team loves the results and we hope you will too!

Receive an overview of your app’s featurings

Competition summary & downloads per featured story

It can quickly become tricky to understand how many times you or your competitors were featured on the app stores and to determine the impact in terms of downloads or views (impressions). That’s why in the Overview section of our Browse/Explore tab, you’ll be able to access this information with just a click!

AppTweak counts the number of featurings each app gained over the selected date range, both in the Today tab and the Apps or Games tabs of the App Store. The chart on the right also allows you to monitor the evolution of your featurings over time.

Story analyticsHere comes the important question: how does getting featured on the App Store or Google Play impact my installs? AppTweak has you covered! We’ve built an algorithm that estimates the installs gained per featuring for all Stories that appear in the Today tab. You’ll be able to monitor how these numbers change over time and which competitors receive installs from Browse traffic.

Update: As of February 2023, Google Play apps are required to have a minimum of 3.0 star rating to be featured in the top charts.

Story downloadsFinally, we provide 2 more tables on this page. In one, you’ll discover a breakdown per editorial collection that gives you a more precise view of where Stories, views, or downloads came from. For example, we see below that Candy Crush Saga received most of its Browse downloads from the “Our Favorites” collection in the US, but also regularly appeared in 3 other collections.

Stories per collection
Find out how many times your app (or competitor apps) were featured, viewed, or downloaded in a given collection on the App Store with AppTweak.

The “Overview” page highlighted above predominantly focuses on analytics and charts. Curious to understand more about the specific Stories your app was featured in? Head over to the “All Stories” page!

Get insights about each “Story” your app was featured in

In this section, you’ll find all the featurings in which your app or your competitors appeared over the selected date range. For each one, you’ll be able to find out where you were featured, for how long, the keywords your app was featured on, and how many downloads you received.

These featurings are organized into 3 categories:

  • Unique featurings: Stories in which your app appeared but your competitors didn’t
  • Shared featurings: Stories in which both you and your competitors appeared
  • Missed opportunities: Stories in which your competitors appeared but you didn’t

Once you’ve selected one of these primary filters, you can filter the Stories by source – Today, Search, or Apps/Games – using the bar beneath. Stories that appear in keyword search results will be included under the “Search” filter, but sometimes also under “Today.”

For example, you might want to see “Stories” in the Today tab sorted by downloads, Search Stories sorted by the number of keywords they ranked on, or Games Stories sorted by the most recent. All these combinations are possible with AppTweak.

All Stories view on AppTweak
You can now view Stories in the Today tab, Search Stories, and Games Stories on AppTweak.

When you click on a “Story,” the metrics displayed below it will update accordingly. For example, selecting the first “Story” above (“The Basics” collection for the Health & Fitness category) shows that 17 apps were featured in this Story, 2 of which are Headspace’s competitors. We also see that this “Story” was found in keyword search results, ranking for 1,630 keywords. With the Story running for 31 days, AppTweak also estimates that this featuring was viewed 2.35 million times.

Story calendar and content
Find out which days your “Story” was visible on the App Store with AppTweak’s calendar view.

The calendar view just below the scorecards shows you exactly on which days the “Story” was visible on the store, while the table on the right contains all the apps included in the Story, with their app power or estimated downloads.

Discover which keywords display “Stories” in search results

When you perform a search on the App Store, you are exposed to different types of results, including search ads, organic results, app collections, subscriptions, and Stories. These Stories are often older featurings that continue to run on keywords, although they first appeared in the Today tab months ago.

Learn more about featured “Story” keywords

Stories that appear in keyword search results will be included under the “Search” filter, but sometimes also under “Today.” If you scroll down the page, you’ll see all the keywords for which the selected Story ranked for at least one day over the time period. They are sorted by volume by default, but you can easily display the top keywords for which the Stories appear the most with “number of days” or sort the keywords for which the story appeared recently thanks to “last date.”

If you want to see the position in which the “Story” appeared in the search results, have a look at the Last Story Rank column, which also includes historical data.

Keywords on each stories appear
Find out all the keywords for which the selected “Story” ranked for on the App Store with AppTweak.

Push keywords from Browse to your keyword list(s)

Find any interesting keywords that you’d like to add to your keyword list(s)? Rather than just copy-pasting those keywords, simply select them and use the new “Push to keyword list” button at the top right of the keyword table. After selecting the destination lists, just click on “Push.”

Push keywords to your list
Add interesting keywords with “Push to keyword list” button on AppTweak.

Estimate impact of being featured in a “Story”

It can be difficult to estimate the share of App Store Browse traffic that can be attributed to a featuring. Once again, we aimed to simplify ASO for our users by providing a small formula to help measure the impact of featurings.

In the Impact tab, users who have synced their App Store Connect accounts will be shown a chart of their App Store Browse traffic in terms of downloads, page views, and impressions. On this chart, you will find vertical lines marking the dates when the main app was featured in a Story.

AppTweak ASO Tool

Below the charts, the table provides an estimation of the number of downloads, page views, and impressions gained from each Story.

AppTweak ASO Tool

For example, this app gained an uplift of 98 downloads, 1.5K product page views, and 17.5K impressions. This may not seem like much but if you look at the percentage growth, this actually constitutes an increase of 1633% downloads!

AppTweak ASO Tool

How do we attribute traffic to a featuring?

We take the median daily downloads (or product page views/impressions, depending on the selected metric) over the last 30 days and then compare this number with the value on the date of the featuring. If the variation is positive, we consider the uplift to be attributed to the featuring.

AppTweak ASO Tool

Of course, this is just an estimation. The formula is not yet perfect and could be skewed by other extraneous variables that may affect your app’s Browse traffic during the same period as the featuring.

So that’s our Browse/Explore section! We hope it will help you assess your app’s visibility after being featured on the store, and even help you to discover new keyword opportunities to drive more traffic.

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