Double the Insights, Double the Impact: Union of ASO & MMP

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App store, paid ad, and in-app marketing strategies should work together harmoniously to build a comprehensive approach to app promotion. In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, it is essential to analyze the performance of these strategies together to determine what is actually contributing to your end results. With these insights, you can also learn how to develop a successful multi-channel marketing plan at scale. This is where mobile measurement partners (MMPs) come in.

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What is an MMP?

MMPs act as third-party data tracking tools that help app developers and marketers understand exactly how users engage with their campaigns and within their apps. With the help of an MMP, app marketers can seamlessly track and analyze user behavior, retention rates, and user acquisition sources, among many other key metrics.  Selecting a reliable MMP like Adjust is absolutely essential for apps that want to succeed in the current competitive app landscape.

Why are MMPs so valuable?

This service is important because data reporting across channels is inconsistent, can be biased, and does not provide a complete picture of performance. MMPs offer detailed insights into the user acquisition funnel and help app marketers identify the most effective channels for user acquisition.

By analyzing data from MMPs, app developers and marketers can make informed decisions around marketing campaign optimization to achieve their desired goals. Ultimately, this helps maximize available budget and improve return on investment (ROI).

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Metrics to measure side-by-side

MMPs offer a wide range of metrics to track post-install activity depending on an app’s selected key performance indicators (KPIs). These KPIs include average revenue per daily active user (ARPDAU), number of daily active users (DAUs), revenue events, and sessions, to name a few.

At Adjust, we take event tracking to the next level with unlimited custom events. This means that in addition to core activities, you’ll be able to tag any activity happening in-app as a unique event and track it in your dashboard.

By simultaneously analyzing your ASO and MMP data, you’ll be able to assess your organic ASO against paid campaigns, identify which cohorts of users ASO is bringing in, how much they are spending, and how long they are retained, and pinpoint the source of UA spikes so you know where to leverage marketing budget.

Adjust now integrates with AppTweak Reporting Studio
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How to get started

At Adjust, we understand the value of looking at your ASO and MMP data side by side. That’s why we’ve teamed up with AppTweak to create a seamless integration that does just that. Now, from your AppTweak Reporting Studio, you’ll be able to connect your Adjust account to view over 50 KPIs alongside your app store data.

Mobile measurement partners play a crucial role in helping app developers and marketers to optimize their marketing campaigns. By analyzing data from MMPs, app owners can gain insights into user behavior, user acquisition channels, and user retention rates. By integrating ASO and paid marketing strategies and using an MMP, app owners can achieve better results and improve their overall app marketing performance.

About Adjust

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