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[NEW] App & Play Store Market Intelligence

by ,  CPO at AppTweak

Market Intelligence is now live on AppTweak! Over the last months, we’ve been working on a whole new Add-On for our ASO tool. Our goal was to condense the mobile app data that we’ve collected over the past years and extract actionable market insights in a friendly interface. See for yourself!

Our Market Intelligence Add-On will allow you to analyze a market, measure its size and competitiveness, identify top performers, spot seasonal trends and single out growth opportunities for your app.

To present this new Add-On, we’ve decided to analyze some popular gaming categories across major countries. Here are the top takeaways from our research.

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The mobile gaming industry has no boundaries

Looking at several popular game categories across major countries across the globe, the first question we wanted to answer is: how local is the mobile gaming market? Using Market Intelligence, we could quickly compare the top charts of the different categories across countries. In just a glance, you can see if the top apps are the same across your selected countries, or if there are local leaders to take into account.

In our analysis of games, we were surprised to see how the top games were repeatedly the same across our selected countries. We specifically chose big countries on different continents, expecting to see some differences across the globe, yet, in each category, the top games were the same worldwide. This shows how global the mobile gaming market is.

AppTweak Market Intelligence - Cross Country Top Charts

Comparing the Apple App Store Top Charts of popular game categories in major worldwide countries

World-leading games are mostly recently launched games

Although you probably already know that the mobile gaming industry is hyper-competitive, here’s proof with numbers.

We had a look at the top 10 games with the biggest market share in terms of daily downloads across major countries. We found that 4 out of ten were launched less than 30 days ago! This shows how fast-moving the mobile gaming sector is, with top-performing games becoming worldwide leaders in a couple of days and then rapidly being overtaken by the next hype.

AppTweak Market Intelligence - Market Share of Top 10 games worldwide

The download estimates of Top 10 games across major countries worldwide.

In the chart above we can see that I Peel Good became market leader a few days after launch, it was then overtaken by Super Mario Run two weeks later and closely followed by Mario Kart Tour, all of which were passed by Icing on the Cake, one week after it was released!

If we look at the share of downloads of these top games over the last 30 days, I Peel Good and Sand Balls, both registered in the Casual and Puzzle categories, are ahead. I Peel Good accounts for 4% of the download share of our market and Sand Balls is just behind with 3%.

AppTweak Market Intelligence - Market Share by App

Top 5 apps and their respective market share and daily downloads.

If we dig deeper into the numbers and look closer at the leaders within each selected country, we found that Sand Balls is actually leader is most of the countries we added to our market, but I Peel Good managed to overtake it in the US (7% vs. 4% for that country).

AppTweak Market Intelligence - Market Share by App cross country

Comparing the download share of I Peel Good and Sand Balls in major countries.

Given the size of the US market, being the leader in the US nearly automatically makes your game a worldwide leader. We compared the size of the US gaming market against our other top countries and found that the US alone accounts for more than 70% of total downloads!

AppTweak Market Intelligence - Market Share by Country

Comparing the market share of the mobile gaming industry (in terms of downloads) across top countries.

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A game needs 4 times more downloads to reach n°1 in Casual than in Adventure

We wanted to compare how competitive the most popular gaming categories were. Here again, we took major countries across the world and compared the number of downloads needed for a game to reach the top charts.

AppTweak Market Intelligence - Downloads to Top for gaming categories across top world countries

Comparing the competitiveness of popular game categories across top world countries (Apple App Store)

In all top countries, Casual and Puzzle were the most competitive categories, meaning that a higher number of daily downloads is needed in order for a game to climb up the charts. We did find one exception in India, the only country where the category Games-Action overtakes Casual and Puzzle.

This is explained by the game Archery Go - Bow&Arrow King, registered in the Action category. Since the end of August, the game has won serious popularity in India and reached top position in a couple of days. It has managed to keep its lead for more than a month, which is a real challenge in gaming. The game alone drives 11% of the overall downloads of the Action category in India.

In fact, although Puzzle and Casual are more competitive, if we sum the number of downloads driven by all the apps in each category, Action comes in 2nd position before Puzzle.

AppTweak Market Intelligence - Market Share by Category

The size of popular game categories in terms of downloads compared

This can be mostly explained by the presence of two new hit games both registered in the Action category: Mario Kart Tour and Call of Duty Mobile.

AppTweak Market Intelligence - Market Share of top apps in Action Game

The Top games in terms of downloads in the Action Category (Apple App Store)

Casual games see a huge drop in downloads at the beginning of the school year

We all know that mobile gaming is subject to seasonality. For instance, it’s evident that games benefit from a peak in downloads during the weekend. They also get a big uplift around Christmas. However, it’s interesting to see how these trends can change from one country to another.

We compared the yearly trend in downloads of the Casual Games category of the United States vs. Australia. We found that there was a huge drop in downloads at a specific month in both countries. In the US, casual games get on average 17% less downloads in October. We see exactly the same trend in Australia, but in February. Both months correlate with the end of the summer vacations and the start of the new school year.

Comparing the yearly trend in downloads of casual games in the US vs. Australia

That’s all for today, we’ll be back soon with more market insights from our Market Intelligence Add-On. In the meantime, make sure to check it out yourself! You can log in to your AppTweak account and already find two sample markets ready for you to discover!

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by ,  CPO at AppTweak

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