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AppTweak is delighted to bring you ASO with AppTweak, an educational course and certification designed to help advance your mobile marketing career. This course will provide you with App Store Optimization best practices and show you how to leverage AppTweak’s features to uncover powerful insights! Designed by ASO experts, our course was made for ASO professionals, industry newcomers, and serves as a team training tool to ensure expertise across your ASO and UA teams! ASO with AppTweak course & certification is available to all AppTweak customers and accessible with a 1-month subscription!

What is the ASO with AppTweak course & certification?

ASO with AppTweak is an educational course that will guide you through the fundamentals of App Store Optimization. This course explores the knowledge and experience you need to start or advance your mobile marketing career through engaging videos, how-to’s, and assessments.

The course is divided into 6 chapters; each one covers a key area of App Store Optimization. For instance, Chapter 4 (all about app creatives) walks you through the creative research process and shares best practices to optimize each creative element of your app page.

Learning about ASO strategies and best practices is only the first step. To help you put theory into practice, the course includes many video tutorials on how to effectively execute an ASO strategy with AppTweak. Our combination of tips, best practices, and AppTweak tutorials is the ultimate recipe to increase your app visibility, drive downloads, and feel prepared for long-term success.

aso with apptweak video snippets
23 videos with expert tips and AppTweak tutorials.

To validate your newly acquired knowledge, you then have the opportunity to take a final exam and earn an AppTweak-authenticated certificate. The exam consists of 60 multiple-choice questions that test your ASO knowledge and AppTweak skills. After successfully passing the exam, you’ll be able to download a certificate that you can share with your network. This certificate, authenticated by the market’s leading ASO tool, will help you establish yourself as an expert in the fast-paced world of ASO and mobile marketing.

ASO with AppTweak Certificate
Authenticate your ASO and AppTweak knowledge with an esteemed certification.

Why did we create this certification?

At AppTweak, we’re passionate about understanding the app stores and helping the ASO community do the same! Over the years, we have built a large array of resources consisting of guides, case studies, videos, and even co-writing a 600-page ASO book to provide ASO practitioners with actionable insights.

Get your copy of the ASO Book 2022

Since 2014, AppTweak’s collaboration with the world’s largest apps and games has refined our understanding of not only App Store Optimization, but also of the wider app marketing ecosystem. ASO with AppTweak now makes it even easier for us to share these learnings with our customers.

Furthermore, ASO and AppTweak have both changed a lot over the last few years. Not only do we aim to empower you and your teams with the most up-to-date strategies, we also want to make sure you’re getting the most value out of your Apptweak subscription by sharing practical how-to tutorials throughout the course.

Who is the ASO with AppTweak certification for?

This certification has been developed by ASO specialists, for ASO specialists. Our team of experts has developed this course to strengthen the skills of mobile marketers with actionable strategies. This is essential to understanding and growing in the ever-changing app environment.

ASO with AppTweak is for anyone looking to advance their ASO skills with hands-on learning. Whether you’re an absolute beginner or if you’ve already been doing ASO for a while, this course will allow you to grow your skills and authenticate your knowledge with a real, tangible, and esteemed certification.

From ASO professionals to beginners, this certification is for anyone wishing to dive into the fundamentals of ASO, enhance their app marketing skills, and test their knowledge on the best ASO platform. ASO with AppTweak will provide the training that you and your ASO and UA teams need to boost app performance while supporting your personal growth with a certification.

What can you expect to find in the ASO with AppTweak course?

This course contains 6 chapters that break down the increasingly complex areas of App Store Optimization. After each chapter, you will be tested on the course material to improve your understanding and truly cement your knowledge.

In this course, we will cover:

  • The fundamentals of ASO
  • Keyword performance and optimization
  • Organic search and Browse traffic
  • Creative analyses, competitor research, and creative optimization
  • A/B testing and continual iteration
  • The impact of ratings & reviews
  • Performance monitoring and KPIs for app growth

Upon completion of the course and certification, you will be able to:

  • Convince your team or management to invest in ASO by communicating its value and importance.
  • Analyze your metadata, identify new opportunities, and find relevant keywords to increase your visibility with AppTweak.
  • Leverage best practices to create impactful visual metadata and uncover new opportunities by A/B testing your metadata.
  • Monitor your overall ASO performance and learn which metrics to track on AppTweak to effectively measure ASO impact.

Prepare your teams for long-term success

With our continued goal of educating the ASO community, we’ve developed a comprehensive course and certification to help your ASO and UA teams grow their knowledge and facilitate app & game success in the long run.

ASO with AppTweak Course & Certification

Authenticate your ASO and AppTweak knowledge with a certification!

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