2023 in Review: AppTweak Product Recap

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2023 has been a huge year for tech. We’ve seen OpenAI transform the industry (and the world) with ChatGPT, and the rise of generative AI has changed the way we do things for the foreseeable future.

At the same time, we’ve also seen big changes in the mobile marketing industry. High competition, new tools in the app stores, and new App Store/Google Play marketing tools have enlarged the scope of app growth today. Innovation, a holistic approach, and nurturing real user experiences are now at the forefront of app store success.

This year, we have worked to expand AppTweak to cater to today’s mobile marketing industry. We have developed two completely new products that serve our customers’ needs in new ways, in one complete platform.

In this blog, we are excited to share our yearly product recap – a non-exhaustive overview of our favorite releases for mobile marketers, all launched in 2023.

ASO Intelligence: Keywords, CPP, ASO Creatives & more

Of course, we invested heavily in ASO Intelligence, our industry-leading platform for organic app growth. At the start of the year, we were proud to receive our ASO platform’s ISO 27001 certification, reinforcing our commitment to data privacy and security.

Keyword research & optimization tools

In 2023, we provided some fantastic new keyword tools to help you attract new users. Our favorites were the Keyword Explorer, launched in May, and a completely new metric, Maximum Reach, launched in September.

Keyword Explorer makes it extremely simple for you to understand a keyword’s potential. Just search for a keyword of interest – we’ll show its top keyword metrics, live search results, and more insights in just a click.

One of the keyword insights you can see here is Maximum Reach. Unique to AppTweak, Maximum Reach indicates the total number of impressions an app could receive from a keyword in its metadata. It estimates the total number of times a keyword is searched for in the stores, and the impressions you could drive if you ranked #1 for that keyword for one month.

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You can see our Keyword Explorer in action below:

Keyword Explorer (released May 2023) including our Maximum Reach keyword metric (released September 2023)

To mention just a few of our other keyword releases this year…

  • January: To allow you to monitor your app’s performance for all the keywords it ranks for, we started the year by adding a powerful Visibility Chart to All Ranked Keywords.
  • May: In May, our data scientists trained Atlas AI (our in-house intelligence) to automatically detect keyword typos based on the autocorrections suggested in the App Store. You can then add or remove typos from your analysis based on your strategy.
  • November: Our AI-Generated Keyword List allows you to find new keyword ideas at the click of a button. In November, we released this tool for all AppTweak ASO plans, allowing you to create a list of 100 high-volume and relevant keywords in seconds.

Custom product pages (CPP)

As predicted, custom pages took the main stage in 2023. On iOS, custom product pages (CPP) allow mobile marketers to display new variations of their screenshots, preview videos, and promotional text to specific segments of App Store users.

As marketers can link custom product pages to Apple Search Ads, CPP has mainly been used to present tailored ads to more relevant audiences, thus helping to improve ASA performance and drive more conversions.

Learn how to leverage CPP for Apple Search Ads

In May, we were proud to add CPP intelligence to our platform, providing unique insights into your competitors’ CPP strategies. Now, not only do we detect and show all the CPP of any app you search for, but you can also spy on the keywords your competitors are targeting via CPP to strengthen your own paid growth strategy.

CPP Explorer (released August 2023)

ASO Creatives: Find new inspiration for app store designs

A new release we’re still excited about is ASO Creatives Explorer! Found in our new Store Explorer section, ASO Creatives Explorer allows you to find new inspiration for your app store designs.

In one place, you can browse all the screenshots, feature graphics, in-app events, and promotional content of top apps and games in any category. You can explore creatives based on store categories, or based on more specific groupings with AppDNA or GameDNA (more on this later).

ASO Creatives Explorer (released November 2023)

Product page optimization (PPO)

Next, like A/B tests on Google Play, product page optimization (PPO) allows iOS marketers to test different variations of their product page to optimize conversions. In July, AppTweak became the first ASO platform allowing you to monitor your competitors’ PPO tests in one intuitive timeline.

Learn more about product page optimization

With data coming directly from Apple, we show you the element tested (icon, screenshots, or preview video) and the exact traffic allocated to each variant. With this data, you can quickly identify which PPO variants performed best and improve your own product page based on your competitors’ experiments.

Product page optimization in the Timeline (released July 2023)

In-app events analytics

If you’re tired of going back and forth between different tools and your consoles, AppTweak is the platform for you. In April, we were very happy to add in-app events data to our Analytics, allowing you to monitor your app’s performance from different marketing efforts in one place.

Learn more about App Analytics

In-app events allow you to showcase special events taking place within your app (e.g. challenges, competitions, live events, etc) in various placements across the App Store. If your app is promoting in-app events, it is crucial to measure and compare their performance to identify the most effective strategies.

In AppTweak, you can keep a close eye on in-app event impressions, opens, sales, and much more, to optimize your App Store marketing efforts.

In-app events analytics (released April 2023)

And monitoring your app’s performance doesn’t stop there. In 2023, we also added the following data in AppTweak to help you track your growth over time and be the first to spot any interesting trends.

  • January: For Enterprise clients, the cross-country view allows you to easily compare your app’s store performance in its top-priority markets. In January, we made it possible for you to compare integrated data across countries, including your app’s conversion rates!
  • October: We added even more metrics to Analytics in October (redownloads, sessions, active devices, etc) to help you keep tabs on all your data in one place.

ASO with AppTweak course and certification

Released in January 2023, ASO with AppTweak is our course & certification designed to advance your mobile marketing career. Developed by ASO specialists for ASO specialists, the course explores the fundamentals of app growth in 6 comprehensive chapters – from keyword optimization to creatives, and beyond.

Whether you’re completely new to the industry or you’re already an experienced ASO practitioner, ASO with AppTweak will help you get the most value from your AppTweak plan & validate your ASO expertise worldwide.

Ready to get AppTweak certified? Click here!

See an example lesson below!

ASO with AppTweak course and certification (released January 2023 in English, and April 2023 in Japanese)

Reporting Studio: Complete hub to measure app performance

Moving on to our new products! Although officially announced in December 2022, we invested a lot of time and effort to develop Reporting Studio in 2023, a platform dedicated to your app reporting.

With Reporting Studio, you can build custom app performance reports that combine all your data across sources. In one place, centralize all your reports to get quick access to your top metrics, instantly measure your paid and organic growth, and integrate data from AppTweak, your consoles, and MMPs for the most complete view of your app’s performance.

Reporting Studio, available with Enterprise

Here are just a few additions to Reporting Studio that we implemented throughout 2023:

  • Console data: This year, we added a lot of integration data to Reporting Studio, including CVRs from App Store Connect and Google Play Keywords to help you monitor real app performance, not estimates.
  • MMP data: As two of the biggest mobile measurement partners in the app market, we were very excited to launch our Adjust and AppsFlyer integrations in Reporting Studio! By connecting your accounts in AppTweak, you can more accurately compare organic and non-organic installs, attribute revenue per keyword, and much more.
  • AppTweak: In 2023, we also added a range of functionalities to simplify the process of creating and analyzing your reports. For instance, you can easily protect your shared reports with passwords, display the ASO Impact line to understand the impact of your work, or visualize stacked charts to easily aggregate your data.

Learn how to use Reporting Studio to measure your app performance

AI-powered Market Intelligence with AppDNA & GameDNA

Next, let’s talk about app market research. On the app stores, apps and games are grouped into around 20 general categories. These are often too broad to accurately compare apps/games to relevant peers.

With AppDNA, our data scientists have reclassified apps into 200+ specific genres that better represent an app’s core purpose. With GameDNA, our team has identified 70+ gameplays that better reflect the wide diversity of mobile games.

Through 2023, we introduced innovative ASO insights based on AppDNA and GameDNA: more relevant Top Charts rankings for your specific market, new keyword suggestions for your app, and enhanced competitor comparisons.

In July, we also introduced our AppDNA and GameDNA taxonomy to Market Intelligence. These new insights now allow users to identify leading countries for more specific markets, easily track market fluctuations, identify the top apps & games across countries, and much more.

AppDNA and GameDNA in Market Intelligence

Search Ads Manager: Unite your ASO and ASA

June was a very busy month for AppTweak – we launched two new products that are game-changers for data-driven mobile teams.

The first was Search Ads Manager, a fantastic new software allowing you to create and manage Apple Search Ads campaigns directly from your favorite ASO tool. With Search Ads Manager, you can now unite your ASA and ASO strategies to optimize your paid campaigns.

Learn more about the synergies between ASO and ASA

Compared to the Apple Search Ads console, Search Ads Manager allows you to more easily create campaigns, find new keyword opportunities, and monitor the performance of your ASA efforts. Search Ads Manager leverages AppTweak’s intuitive user interface and actionable insights to make it easy to grow your app with ASA.

Search Ads Manager, currently available for free with an AppTweak ASO plan

This year, we added the following features in Search Ads Manager (and we have a lot of exciting things coming up in 2024!):

  • Find thousands of new opportunities for ASA with our ASO keyword suggestions.
  • Visualize a keyword’s ASO and ASA metrics side-by-side to make sure you select the best terms.
  • By connecting your Adjust or AppsFlyer account, you’ll get even more data about the potential of a specific keyword.
  • If you’re leveraging CPP for Apple Search Ads, we’ll show the custom product pages linked to each campaign.
  • You can also monitor the performance of your campaigns with more intuitive charts than the Apple Search Ads console.

App Reviews Manager

Last but definitely not least, we were very proud to release App Reviews Manager, a new product to help mobile marketers collect valuable user feedback, improve users’ opinions, and more effectively reply to app reviews.

Learn more about App Reviews Manager

With AI and automation integrated throughout the tool, you won’t want to miss this product to leverage your app reviews. As our App Reviews Manager gathers all your reviews in one place, you can easily engage with all your users (no matter the country or language) at the click of a button.

App Reviews Manager

It’s almost unbelievable that we’ve been able to create such a complete tool dedicated to your app reviews in less than one year! Just a few of our favorite features include:

  • To reply to reviews in any language, just ask GPT-4! You can customize the tone (formal, short, or neutral) depending on the review, allowing you to save an unbelievable amount of time engaging with your users. Hint: you can also use your own templates if you prefer to avoid GPT.
  • To collect product feedback from your users, tags allow you to categorize your reviews based on main topic and easily compare different themes.
  • To understand the impact of your work, we added smart filters and a dedicated Team Performance section indicating how often users updated their reviews based on your reply.
  • To continue working in your team’s preferred tools, you can easily integrate AppTweak with Zendesk, Slack, or Salesforce to manage your app reviews in one united platform.


2023 has been a landmark year in the mobile marketing industry. Our journey this year has been characterized by innovation and growth: integrating AI into our services has not only streamlined our processes but also provided more actionable insights to help our clients make the best data-driven decisions.

Having launched two entirely new products and expanded our fantastic app store marketing tools in 2023, we’ve developed new avenues for more targeted and effective app promotion. Our unified approach to mobile marketing has simplified the workflow for our users, enabling you to manage all aspects of your app’s performance (organic, Apple Search Ads, review management, and more) in one fantastic software.

We are deeply grateful to our talented team, whose dedication and expertise have been the driving force behind these advancements. Their unwavering commitment to excellence has kept AppTweak at the cutting edge of the industry! We also extend our thanks to our clients and partners, whose feedback and support are invaluable.

As we say goodbye to 2023, we can’t wait to see what 2024 holds. With a pipeline full of innovative projects and improvements, we’re ready to continue our mission of revolutionizing the mobile marketing space. Here’s to pushing boundaries and achieving new heights together in 2024!

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