Competition Monitoring

See what’s working for the competition and gain valuable insights to improve your ASO strategy.

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  • Competitor Analysis

    At AppTweak competition analysis is at the center of all our features. From keyword monitoring, to analytics, or browse traffic, we’ve made it easy for you to compare your metadata and performance with your competitors all in one view. On top of that we have built unique features to gain deeper insights into your competitor’s ASO strategy.

    Competitor Analysis
  • Position Map

    With the Position Map you can easily compare your app’s performance with competitors. In a quick glance you can see who has the highest average rank, who ranks on the largest amount of keywords or who receives most organic downloads from these keywords.

    Position Map
  • Keyword Monitoring

    Compare your app’s performance with your competitors at a glance. Our set of Keyword Ranking features helps you easily compare your rankings and installs with other apps or games. Our Keyword Monitoring features allow you to keep an eye on your competitor’s keyword movements as well.

    Keyword Monitoring
  • ASO Timeline

    With our ASO Timeline you can see the exact date when a competitor updated their metadata or creative assets. Use our before/after view to see precisely what has changed and take in learnings to inform your own ASO strategy.

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  • App Download & Revenue Estimates

    Get app download and revenue estimates for any app in the app stores and in any country. Use this information to set realistic benchmarks for your app and to identify seasonality trends.

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Competitor Analysis

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