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Keyword Tracking & Monitoring

Stay on top of keyword movements and closely monitor your app’s performance.

  • Track Keyword Rankings

    Use our set of keyword ranking tools to track and monitor your keyword rankings over time. Quickly identify the keywords you gained or lost rankings on or use our Visibility Score metric to compare your app’s visibility with your competitors.

    Track Keyword Rankings
  • Measure Keyword Impact

    With our Keyword Impact feature you can estimate how many downloads you have gained as a result of a metadata update. Simply indicate when you have made an update to your metadata and see the uplift in downloads for each keyword.

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  • Monitor Brand vs Generic Installs

    65% of downloads in the app store come from a search. 39% of those searches are done using a generic keyword. How does your app compare? Are you getting most downloads from branded or generic keywords?
    Find out today and continue to monitor trends overtime!

    Measure Keyword Impact
  • Get Notified via Email or Slack

    Receive a daily update on your biggest keyword movements directly in your inbox or via Slack for all the apps you follow in AppTweak.

Track Keyword Rankings

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