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Most Popular Apps & Games of 2019

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Most Popular Apps & Games of 2019

As 2020 begins we decided to take a look at the Top Charts of 2019! In this review we looked at the Top Charts for both the US Apple App Store and the US Google Play Store to find which apps and games had the best year.

First we looked at the apps that stayed in the Apple and Google Play Top Charts the longest. The top 10 apps that stayed in the Top 10 of the “All” Category of each store for the most days were selected, excluding games.

Only one app was in the top ten for more than 300 days. Messenger stayed in the Google Play Store Top 10 for 315 days however, no apps reached 300 days for the App Store. Whats also interesting is that 7 of the top apps for both stores were also on last year’s top apps of 2018 apps list. This shows that it is quite difficult for an app to reach the top 10, as many of the same apps are able to hold their position.

We took the same steps looking into the Top Games for both the Apple App and Google Play Stores.

Here we see that 5 of the top ten games are in both Top Charts for Apple and Google. It’s very interesting that only two apps just barely made it to 100 days in the top charts, considering that in 2018 there were multiple games that reached above 200 days. This goes to show that the stores rankings are more volatile with games than with apps. Users tend to be looking for the newest game and with each launch, the Games Top Chart becomes more competitive.

Top games launched in 2019

We have seen that newly launched apps can reach the top charts quickly but maintaining top chart status can be the bigger challenge. Here we took a look at games launched in 2019 that achieved a spot on the top charts.

We see here that 6 of the top Games for iOS are also on the top launched games list. Apple puts a lot of focus on “new” games and if a game does not reach early success it is much harder for it to achieve top charts later on.

With Google Play we see that 5 of the top games were also launched in 2019. Google does weigh the game’s history when considering top charts which explains why the number of days for each position may be lower compared to Apple.

Top apps launched in 2019

Lastly, we took a look at the apps launched in 2019 for the Apple App and Google Play Stores that managed to reach the Top 10 of the “All” Category.

The results were very different then what we saw with top games launched, as the number of days an app stayed in the top charts was very low, even as short as 1 day. With apps in the Google Play store there were only 8 apps launched that actually hit the top charts under the “All” category. When comparing new apps and new games it is much harder for a new app to achieve top chart levels, as more established apps maintain their positions.

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With these insights we can quickly see that the Apple App Store and Google Play Store are very different and should always be studied and considered separately.

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In the apps Top Charts of the “All” category, more established apps rule and can remain in the top charts for a long time. But, we see the opposite with games! The Top Charts for Games is constantly changing as new games are launched every day and there is always the threat of something new.

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