Leveraging the App Stores as a True Marketing Channel

Sukanya Surby 
Content Marketing Manager

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The app stores act as a crucial entry point for users. Some seek new apps or games, while others arrive with specific intentions influenced by branded searches or targeted ads, ready to download a particular app. Your interaction with millions of users begins in the app stores, offering the opportunity to transform a “maybe” into a resounding “yes” by presenting your app in a way that resonates with users.

In essence, anyone searching for a new app must navigate through the app stores, eventually landing on your store page during their journey. Recognizing this pivotal role the app stores play in every user’s experience is crucial for mobile marketers.

In this blog post, we’ll explore how mobile marketers can maximize their impact by leveraging the app stores as a true marketing channel.

1. Leverage the app stores to increase your app’s visibility

Traditionally, mobile marketers have leaned on app stores to give their apps or games a visibility boost in search results, leading to more downloads.

The juiciest downloads often start with a simple search, and that tends to keep users around longer. So, to keep your app shining brightly in the long run, you need a killer organic keyword strategy. And when you throw in Apple Search Ads (ASA), your app gets a speedy ticket to being seen by a broader audience across lots of different keywords.

But it’s not just about keywords. When you’re putting your app on display, every little detail, from the title to the screenshots, needs to shine. This all-out approach ensures that when potential users stumble upon your app page, they can’t resist hitting that “download” button.

That’s where a robust App Store Optimization (ASO) strategy comes into play. It’s not just good for enhancing your ASA campaigns but also works to cut down the cost per install (CPI). Conversely, successful ASA campaigns can give your app’s overall visibility and conversion rates a solid boost. This synergy loop between ASA and ASO is crucial for lasting success.

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Synergy between ASO & ASA
Synergy between ASO & ASA. Source: Advanced App Store Optimization volume (2022).

2. Optimize your app store presence for the “moment of truth”

Whether your app is a big brand or relies on external advertising, the app stores are where users decide to take the plunge and hit that download button. Missing this point means missing out – fewer features, lower search result visibility, and ad campaigns that just don’t cut it.

Imagine your store page as its storefront window. If it’s not grabbing attention, users will stroll right past. High-quality and well-optimized visuals (icon, screenshots, preview/promo video) aren’t just extra perks; they’re crucial for catching eyes and standing out in the stores.

To truly get what makes users tick, dive into their behavior on the app stores. Run A/B tests on your app’s page, tweak one thing at a time, check the impact, and refine your game plan.

But don’t just look inward – scope out the competition too. Compare features, design, and user feedback to spotlight what makes your app special.

And remember those user reviews. A subpar rating or a detailed negative review is a double no-no – turning off both users and the algorithms.

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3. Capitalize on the app stores to reinforce your brand

Getting eyes on your app is a big deal! Even big brands can’t ignore the impact of an optimized app store presence to solidify their brand and message. When your app gets the spotlight, it signals quality and trustworthiness – something users crave.

But the app stores aren’t just acquisition channels where people download new apps – they are dynamic platforms that can help you capture attention from current and lapsed users. A great way to do this is through well-planned in-app events (App Store) and promotional content (Google Play).

These features let you flaunt what’s new and exciting in your app. Others might tap into seasonality to keep users hooked. But remember, seasonality goes beyond festive icons or sales. A thoughtful seasonal strategy ensures your app aligns with your audience’s current interests, standing out from the crowd.

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4. Utilize app store data for growth

The app stores are a treasure trove of data!

While Apple and Google might seem to operate somewhat in a blackbox, there are ways to mine valuable information to fuel your growth strategy.

For example, keeping tabs on your competitors’ organic and paid keyword strategies, A/B tests, custom product pages (CPPs), and in-app events can spark inspiration. Understanding your competition can guide you to make smarter moves.

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Keeping an eye on download & revenue trends in different categories and markets can inform budget allocation for advertising campaigns or localization efforts.

And don’t overlook user reviews – they’re a goldmine of feedback. Listening to what users are saying about your app and your competitors’ can guide improvements and ensure your app is precisely what your audience desires.

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If you’ve made it this far, you are probably looking for new ways to maximize your impact in the app stores. Usually, we find companies opt for one of these approaches:

  • They use existing tools already implemented by other teams in the company that provide a general overview of the market. However, these tools often don’t offer very specific insights for ASO or lack features for  managing Apple Search Ads (ASA) campaigns.
  • Some contemplate whether to hire agencies to manage their apps’ organic and paid visibility in the stores. While agencies often have basic reporting tools, they are often not completely transparent in their findings.
  • They don’t focus much on enhancing their app’s appeal on the stores, relying instead more on their brand recognition and paid advertising to boost downloads, leaving lots of opportunities on the table.

To make the most of the app stores as a marketing channel, you need a platform that helps you:

  • Make informed decisions by providing a clear picture of your app’s visibility and user behavior.
  • Stay ahead of competitors by offering detailed insights into their entire ASO & ASA strategy and performance.
  • Understand and report on the impact of your efforts for effective resource and budget allocation.
  • Scale both ASO & ASA efforts across multiple apps or countries.

For app developers and marketers looking to improve their app’s performance on the app stores, leveraging a comprehensive app store marketing platform like AppTweak can make the difference.

AppTweak’s features, including ASO Intelligence, Search Ads Manager, App Reviews Manager, and Market Intelligence, bring value.

At the heart of AppTweak is Atlas AI, our deep-learning model. Trained on app store data since 2014, our home-grown AI powers our platform to deliver precise, relevant, and actionable data insights, providing real value for mobile marketers.


In the end, using the app stores effectively is crucial for your app’s success. From optimizing your app’s visibility through a robust ASO strategy, to leveraging the symbiotic relationship between ASO and Apple Search Ads, creating high-quality visuals to stand out, to reinforcing your brand and utilizing app store data for growth – each step is crucial in your journey to success. It’s about understanding your users, your competition, and the dynamics of the app stores to create an experience that resonates. So, don’t just host your app on the stores, use them as tools for growth and engagement.

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