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Wondering which specific colors are used in your competitors app icons? You’ve always liked the color of a specific app icon but you can’t get your hands on its color code? Want to compare your icon colors with your competitors or category trends? Worry no more, meet our new App Icon Color Palette Tool and get all insights you need!

App Icon Color Palette: the tool you can’t miss!

This is a new mini-tool we really enjoyed developing and actually love using. You can now get any app icon colors breakdown… and compare it with its competitors!

If you’re planning on launching a new app but not sure about your app icon design, this feature is for you.

If you think your app icon needs a refresher or some improvements, use our App Icon Color Palette Tool to benchmark your competition.

Lastly, if you’re wondering which colors are most used in your app category, get the main 12 colors breakdown from your category, directly in your ASO report!

App Icon, your app’s first impression

Your app icon is your app’s first impression. It has a high influence on your Click Through Rate (CTR).

Given the increasing amount of mobile apps on both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store, it is important to dedicate enough time and resources to your app’s graphic and visuals assets (including app screenshots and videos).


Top 200 iOS apps – Music Category – US


App store users have less and less time to take decisions and yet there is more and more apps. Hopefully, App Store Optimization (ASO) can help increase your app’s visibility and discoverability on relevant keywords.

But your job doesn’t end here.

Getting your app visible is one thing. Getting it downloaded is another. Crafting a converting app icon is an essential component in this process.

It’s important to find the right balance between following the existing design trends within the app store but also with offering uniqueness.

Our new App Icon Color Palette Tool allows you to get your app’s main 12 app icon colors, along with their color code and their amount of usage in %.

In the screenshot below, you can see Just Eat Top 12 App Icon Colors.


AppTweak – App Icon Color Palette Tool


Spy on your Competitors App Icons colors

At the same time – and just like for every AppTweak feature – you can easily compare your app’s assets with your competitors.

In the example below, we’ve added a few competitors to Just Eat app. You’re able to view other app’s top used colors.


AppTweak – App Icon Color Palette Tool


It is important to benchmark the competition and track what similar apps are doing in order to stand out from them but also, to maintain some design consistency.

Looking for app icon design hacks? Read our 10 tips to make your app icon stand out!

Track your App Category Top App Icon Colors

Lastly, our new ASO mini-tool helps you to check your app category top app icon colors.


AppTweak – App Icon Color Palette Tool


As an example in our latest infographic “App Icon Color Palette Analysis by Category (iOS)”, we saw that apps in the Food and Drink category use a lot of red.


Each category has its specific trends which store users are now getting used to. Certain patterns or color schemes work better in some category than others. It’s therefore important to take this into account while creating your app icon.

At the same time, it could be interesting to try finding new colors in order to stand out.

How do we calculate top app icon colors per category?

We take the top 50 apps in your app’s main category (in the selected country) and then use machine learning to find the 12 main colors, which best match these 50 app icons. The width of each color shows its “weight in the category” (the larger the portion, the higher the amount of that color used).

We <3 your Feedback!

We presented this feature at both the MWC (Barcelona) and the App Promotion Summit (London) and we were delighted to see your enthusiasm!

Your feedback is always very welcome – and much needed so we can keep on improving!

Feel free to let us know what you think of this new mini-tool.

Try the App Icon Color Tool right now!

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