Most Popular Game Launches of 2020

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With half of the year already in the books, it’s time to take a look at the games that have received the most downloads so far this year.

It’s been an eventful year to say the least, but despite everything there are several games which have dominated the category rankings and been downloaded millions of times. Looking at just the App Store, the most downloaded game of the year so far in the United States is Sort It 3D with over 6.6 million downloads!

Top downloaded games launched in 2020

Top 5 game launches of 2020 (iOS, US)

Check out how our data scientists estimate daily downloads

Download Estimates, Top Games (iOS, US)Download Estimates, Top Games (iOS, US)

Sneaking a peek into the download estimates with our App Intelligence tool, we can see that daily downloads for these games are all several thousand, and on some days over 100,000 downloads a day!

These games were all newly launched this year, and all have had impressive runs in the top games category. Sort It 3D and Draw Climber each managed to receive over 150,000 daily downloads during February!

App Power

The next place we can look to check out these top apps overall performance is their overall App Power score, a number AppTweak generates using an algorithm that factors overall and category ranking over time, to compare their individual performance.

App Power, Top Games (iOS, US)

App Power, Top Games (iOS, US)

In this chart, all five games begin the year with an App Power score of 0, but all follow similar trajectories. One to two months after launch, all of these games except Save The Girl increased quickly for an App Power in the 90 – 100 range, signifying that all of these apps have been receiving thousands of downloads every day and ranked highly in the overall Games category very soon in the year. Their currently high App Power shows that these are all still powerful games that will likely not recede from the top charts anytime soon.

Category Ranking (Games)

Downloads and category ranking are closely related to each other. Shortly after the launch of each game, downloads and category ranking improve sharply, and decrease over a much longer period of time. All five of these top launched games of 2020 still rank within the top 200 in the App Store, seven months into the year.

Category Rank, Top Games – January through July 2020 (iOS, US)

None of these games have consistently remained in the top 10 of all games, but the top charts are dynamic and constantly changing. Many of the top 10 games in the category are newly launched games that have caught the attention of eager users looking to find the next trendy game. Still, it is always impressive when games are able to stay relevant for several months and continue to be downloaded thousands of times per day.

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