Market Intelligence

App Market Seasonality

Discover seasonality across app categories and countries.

  • Market Seasonality

    Based on millions of data points on app downloads, we have developed a feature that identifies seasonality across both categories and countries. Our data shows whether your category generates more downloads during weekdays or weekends and which month of the year generates the most installs.

    Market Seasonality
  • Market Growth Forecast

    See the projected number of daily downloads of your category or target markets for the next 2 months. Use this information to adjust your ASO or ASA strategy as necessary.

    Market Growth Forecast
  • Benchmark

    Connect your app store consoles and benchmark your app performance against category benchmarks. Find out whether or not your app outperforms your market and see if your category experiences the same peaks or dips per month or day of the week.

Market Seasonality

*The Market Intelligence feature starts at $299/mo and is available as an add-on to your AppTweak Subscription.

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