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New insights on your browse and explore traffic are now available on AppTweak! We have revamped the whole similar apps section for iOS and Google Play where you can track changes in your similar apps history, measure the views that your app received through similar apps, compare your visibility with your competitors, and much more!

The growing importance of Browse & Explore

While Search remains the most important channel, you won’t be surprised to hear that traffic coming from browsing on the store is increasing for many apps and games. Both Google Play and Apple are putting more and more efforts on editorial content, stories, featurings and personalised suggestions. Until now App Store Connect and Google Play Console have been providing very limited information about where your app is being featured and what share of your impressions, product page views or store listing visitors can actually be linked to a featuring.

During the first quarter of this year, we have worked on trying to understand what was the impact of being featured. We created a new metric called “story views” that allowed us to estimate the number of impressions a story has received in the Apple App Store.

Discover how you can measure the impact of your latest featuring

More recently we have been exploring another source of browsing traffic which is the “You might also like” section (also called “Similar apps” on the Play Store). In the Overview tab, you were able to see which apps your app points to in your product page (outgoing) but also which apps are pointing towards your app (incoming).

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At AppTweak we always like to push things one step further and that’s why we decided to completely revamp Similar apps to put more focus on the visibility that similar apps drive to your app.

The impact of Similar apps in terms of visibility

In order to explain our methodology, let’s take a real case of an app that had movements in its similar apps’ visibility : UNO!.

Similar apps - AppTweak ASO ToolSimilar apps (towards your app) of UNO! against its competitors (US/iOS)

In the screenshot above, we can see the number of views that UNO! receives from similar apps in comparison with its competitors. From the graph, we can draw two conclusions :

  1. Trivia Crack 2 is receiving more views than UNO!.
  2. UNO!, Trivia Crack 2 and Mario Kart Tour increased their visibility at the same time.

Similar apps - AppTweak ASO Tool

Zoom on the similar apps (towards your app) of Trivia Crack 2 (US/iOS)

Similar apps - AppTweak ASO Tool

Zoom on the similar apps (towards your app) of UNO! (US/iOS)

When we compare Trivia Crack 2 and UNO!’s similar apps, we can see that there are more apps pointing towards Trivia Crack 2 (134 apps) than UNO! (89 apps). Besides among those competitors there are 5 different apps that give more than one thousand views to Trivia Crack 2 while there are only two apps for UNO!. Finally, we can see that Mario Kart Tour is pointing towards both apps and driving a very large share of the total similar apps views.

Before September 29th, UNO! didn’t have much visibility from Similar apps. At that exact same date, Trivia Crack 2 increased its visibility considerably. If we take a look at the similar apps history we can see that Mario Kart Tour started pointing towards UNO! on September 29th. The same happened with Trivia Crack 2.

Similar apps - AppTweak ASO Tool

Similar apps history (towards your app) of UNO! (US/iOS)

As you can see in the category ranking, Mario Kart Tour was launched on September 26th and immediately reached the first position of the Games top chart.

Similar apps - AppTweak ASO Tool

Ranking history of Mario Kart Tour and its competitors in the category “Games” (US/iOS)

Since Mario Kart Tour has a huge amount of visitors on its product page everyday, any app that is recommended on Mario Kart Tour’s page is also receiving a crazy amount of views.

If we take a look at the Similar apps history (from your app) of Mario Kart Tour, we can see that no apps were suggested until September 29th when Trivia Crack 2 and UNO! appeared for the first time.

Similar apps - AppTweak ASO Tool

Similar apps history (from your app) of Mario Kart Tour (US/iOS)

Currently, Mario Kart Tour is the app that drives the most traffic to UNO! through similar apps : it’s responsible for 8.61K daily views.

Our “views” algorithm revealed!

Our similar apps views are an estimation of the number of impressions that an app receives when it appears in the similar apps of a competitor. This metric is similar to the views that you can find in the featurings.

Similar apps - AppTweak ASO Tool

Views that UNO! receives from Mario Kart Tour’s similar apps (US/iOS)

The starting point of our algorithm is how many people go see an app everyday. In this case it will be Mario Kart Tour. Therefore we will estimate the number of page views or store listing visitors of Mario Kart Tour using the same methodology that we use to compute our downloads estimates (based on the category rankings of an app).

Find out more about our download estimates algorithm

For the second part of the algo, we calculated the percentage of users that scroll down from the top of the product page down to the similar apps section. This will be our first constant.

Similar apps - AppTweak ASO Tool

Finally, we looked at the position of the app of interest. In this case, UNO! is the fourth result in Mario Kart Tour’s similar apps. Again, we estimated the percentage of users that scroll horizontally and defined a second constant.


To conclude, there are 2 main factors that define the visibility of an app through Similar Apps:

  • Visibility of an app that points to your app
  • Your app visibility in other similar apps

There is still a lot to discover about “Browse” traffic, but we think that our data science team already did quite a good job at demystifying this black box that is similar apps. We hope you enjoyed this blog and you can’t wait to discover what are your similar apps!

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Carmen Longo
by , Former Junior Product Manager at AppTweak
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