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AppTweak adds Apple Search Popularity for UK, AUS and NZL

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AppTweak adds Apple Search Popularity for UK, AUS and NZL

Awesome news! AppTweak is once again the first ASO tool to provide you with the exact Keyword Search Popularity as provided by the Apple App Store for the UK, Australia and New Zealand.

Make sure to benefit from this amazing opportunity to boost your app’s discoverability and stand out from your competitors!

Apple expands, AppTweak follows

Apple has officially announced yesterday its expansion of Search Ads to the UK, Australia, and New Zealand. Ads will go live on April 25, 10am PDT.

Good news for all app marketers and developers: we have already added Apple’s Search Popularity for English-UK, English-AUS (in Australia and New Zealand) on our Keyword tool!

In other words, you can now get the exact Volume indicator for any English keywords in 3 additional countries (along with the USA).

As you can see, we’re always doing our best to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and store changes!

Data accuracy, our main concern

As our tagline mentions, AppTweak is a powerful ASO tool driven by data science. We do believe that data accuracy should be the number 1 focus when it comes to App Store Optimization and App Marketing.

Keywords research is a very important aspect of ASO. Indeed, finding the best keywords for your mobile app is a determining factor in your app’s success. Increasing your visibility on relevant and strong keywords will undoubtedly drive more organic downloads of your app.

However, finding keywords with the right balance between relevancy, competition and popularity can be challenging.

At AppTweak, we’re doing our best to help you with your keywords research by providing you with all the tools & data you need to audit, optimize and monitor your keyword performance.

One of the most controversial metrics in ASO is the keywords’ Search Popularity (Volume). Knowing the exact and precise amount of searches made on a specific keyword (on the Apple App Store and on the Google Play Store) is impossible, since neither Apple nor Google provide these info. It’s a shame though, as it would be extremely useful.

Here at AppTweak, we’ve been doing our best to provide you with the most accurate Search Volume estimation since the beginning.

Our unique and constantly improving formula is integrating multiple parameters coming from the stores (and not only mobile web searches, like our competitors).

However, since the arrival of Search Ads (September 28th, 2016), Apple now offers Search Popularity for any English-US keyword.

AppTweak was the first ASO tool to provide this new Search Popularity indicator, as announced on October 3, 2016.

Apple Search Popularity is a relative (non-linear) indicator between 5-100 of a keyword’s popularity in App Store searches. Higher the number means higher the popularity.

As mentioned, Apple has now expanded Search Ads in the UK, Australia and New Zealand.

Great news for app marketers, as you’ll now be able to bid on keywords in these 3 new countries and take advantage of Search Ads.

Excellent news for ASO managers, as you now have access to Apple’s exact Search Popularity for English UK and Australian English!

Amazing and ecstatic news for AppTweak users, as you can find these metrics on directly on AppTweak!


Once again, we are convinced that Apple is going to provide keywords Search Popularity for more languages in the future. Needless to point out that AppTweak will integrate them as soon as they are live!

Until then, the Volume for other languages (and for Google Play Store apps) is relying on our own formula, which has proven to be trustworthy.

Some interesting experiments…

We have noticed some differences amongst the volume of certain keywords across countries and languages, which actually make a lot of sense (quite reassuring!)

Let’s take a closer look at some examples:

Volume of the Keyword “ London”

  • US = 34
  • UK = 43
  • AUS = 26

Volume of the Keyword “Arsenal”

  • US = 28
  • UK = 41
  • AUS = 23

Volume of the Keyword “Brexit”

  • US = 9
  • UK = 21
  • AUS = 5

Actually, feel free to make your own experiments and share your findings with us.

Don’t wait any longer to beat your competitors!

Hurry up and take advantage of our fresh data to beat your competition. Indeed, your competitors are probably not even aware of this news.

You now have the perfect occasion to make an update of your keywords according to the new Volume indicator provided by AppTweak!

Where can I find the new Volume indicator on AppTweak?

You can find the Volume in the exact same place as before. Simply go on your app’s Keyword Tool and go under the “Keywords Analysis” tab to view any keyword search Popularity.

We will definitely let you know once we add more languages, don’t worry. We are keeping a close eye on Apple!

Don’t forget to give us feedback and share your love on social media!

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