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[INFOGRAPHIC]: Number of Downloads to reach top rankings

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[INFOGRAPHIC]: Number of Downloads to reach top rankings

Have you ever wondered the number of daily downloads your app needs to get a chance to reach the Top 10 charts? Do you have an idea of the difference there is between the App Store and the Play Store? Or from one country to another? Well, we did some research for you, and here’s a couple of insights to get you cleared.

INFOGRAPHIC - Downloads to Reach Top Charts

Daily Downloads to reach Top Charts: US vs. UK

We first wanted to know which country was the most competitive, so we looked at the daily downloads of the Top apps worldwide, and, without surprise US came out as a winner. However, we were impressed by how far ahead US is compared to any other country. To illustrate, here’s a comparison of the number of daily downloads to reach Top 10 and Top 50 on the App Store in the US vs. the UK.

Downloads to Reach Top Charts IOS - UK vs. US

TOP 10


TOP 50


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Daily Downloads to reach Top Charts: App Store vs. Play Store

We then wanted to look at how different the numbers would be across stores. Here again we found some surprising results. The most explicit was when comparing US with Brazil across both Store.

Downloads to reach Top Charts Android vs. IOS

Top 10


Top 50


It is impressive to see that the US is most competitive in the App Store but Brazil is more competitive on Android. This clearly confirms that certain markets are more developed on one store than another.

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Daily Downloads to reach Top Charts: Top 10 vs. Top 50

The last thing we looked at was how many extra daily downloads you needed to get from one top to the other. Not surprisingly, the higher you go the more the downloads escalate!

Downloads to Reach Top 100 Top 50 Top 10 IOS US Games

Downloads to Reach Top 100 Top 50 Top 10 IOS US All

How to get in the Top Charts

So what does it take to get into the Top Charts? Well, of course download velocity plays a huge role. If your app or game drives many downloads, you’ll see it climb up to the top very quickly. But there are other elements that also influence, namely:

  • Average Ratings and Total number of Reviews and Ratings
  • Retention (retention rate and n° of uninstalls)
  • Update frequency
  • App performance (crash rate etc.)

So, if you want to reach for the top, make sure you get these elements straight first. You can also check your App Power on AppTweak, it will give you a good idea of your app’s performance in any given Store and country.

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