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Flavien Eyerby 
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AppTweak’s new Market Intelligence interface has just gone live! We know that it is extremely important to identify the countries you want to invest in. This is the reason why we have worked on a whole new interface to facilitate your cross-country analyses. Discover some of the actionable market insights you can discover in this section of the tool below.

To present this add-on, we will analyze a number of app categories across major countries. Here are the top takeaways from our research:

Identify top countries for app downloads & revenues

When analyzing several countries in one category, we first wanted to know: What are the best countries in terms of downloads? When looking at the initial results, we saw that the best countries were, unsurprisingly, the United States, China, and Japan.

However, when looking at the total revenue, we saw that this ranking changed and the top countries became: Switzerland, Luxembourg, and Greece.

If you want to pick the best country in which to launch a marketing campaign, you should take a look at this table to analyze the general performance of each country. In the example above, Switzerland, Luxembourg, and Greece look like top contenders: The revenue per download is equal to $4.79 USD which is one of the highest on the list.

Learn more about how we compute our app download estimates!

Expert Tip

On our Market Intelligence interface, you can also use the density map view to quickly check (and pick!) which countries perform the best (depending on the filters you selected).

Countries in the European market look very similar

Once you have selected the most interesting countries for your app growth, you can start analyzing each of them. Your first step can be an analysis of market size over time.

To have a good comparison set, we selected 7 European countries. When analyzing the different market sizes, we noticed that Switzerland leads the group in terms of app revenue; nonetheless, Luxembourg and Greece remain good contenders for launching a marketing campaign. However, we already see that some countries, such as Spain and France, are not as interesting when considering the Finance category.

Switzerland, an interesting and achievable opportunity for app growth

Even if a market looks promising at first glance, it is always good to check if there is a lot of competition. This is something you can determine with our Market Intelligence interface.

First, you can check each country to see whether different apps hold a well-distributed market share or if only one app generates the majority of revenue.

Looking at the screenshot below, the market share by app in Switzerland is well distributed compared to France and Germany where we notice that market share is way higher for the top 3 apps. As a result, we can interpret that there are bigger, stronger competitors in France and Germany; these apps are currently driving most of the revenue but, if my app succeeds in reaching the top positions, it should also receive more market share.

When choosing a market to invest in, you can also look at the number of downloads needed in each country to reach the top positions. In the example below, we see that France, Germany, and Italy are very competitive markets. For example, apps in France require a lot more downloads to reach the first position (4,908 daily downloads) compared to Switzerland (548 daily downloads).

Finally, it could be a good idea to check if the top apps in each country are more steady or volatile (if a market is volatile, you can try a hit and run strategy if you don’t plan on investing in this market in the long run).

Below, we see the top charts for Switzerland, Luxembourg, and Greece. First, we see that the top apps are completely different from one country to another: There isn’t one European app leader.

When taking a closer look, the History chart shows that the top apps in Switzerland were not in the top 10 at the beginning of the month. This means that the market is quite volatile and generally doesn’t see strong apps stay on top for months on end.

On the other hand, the top apps in Luxembourg are quite stable:

As a result, Switzerland looks like a better option since there seem to be more chances of reaching top positions.

Expert Tip

If you want to keep a country selection for your next analysis, you can use AppTweak to create a custom market! This market will be selectable even if you change the category, meaning you don’t have to recreate the same custom market each time. Learn more with this helpdesk.

Discover more insights in our new Market Intelligence interface!

To wrap up this blog, let’s summarize all the nice insights we uncovered! With our upgraded Market Intelligence interface, you will be able to:

  • Compare the competitiveness of different app markets
  • Compare the potential of different app markets
  • Understand global market trends
  • Select the best countries to invest in
  • Receive KPIs to understand a country’s app performance
  • And more!

This new interface allows you to do cross-country analyses in an easy and efficient way. Don’t waste a second – discover this new interface now!

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Flavien Eyer
by , Product Manager at AppTweak
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