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App Description Keyword Density

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App Description Keyword Density

This new feature is going to make your ASO efforts much easier: you can now check any app description’s keyword density with just one click! Discover and compare your competitors’ most frequently used keywords in their app description. All details below.

Save Precious Time in Your Keyword Research

We are very happy to introduce a brand-new feature which is going to save you a lot of time.

As you probably already know, keywords have a crucial role in App Store Optimization (ASO). Targeting the right keywords for your app is essential if you want to increase your app store discoverability.

Before crafting your app’s keyword strategy, it is important to track and understand your competitors’ semantic fields. You can easily benchmark their keyword strategies by spying on their app titles, subtitles (iOS), short descriptions (Google Play), and long descriptions.

The latter can actually take a lot of time and resources, but it is essential (especially on Google Play). Indeed, the Google Play Store algorithm monitors keywords from the app description in order to index apps.

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App Description Keyword Counter

The best practice teaches us to repeat a given keyword about 5 times to be able to rank on it. This is also valid for iOS apps, as the description matters in terms of SEO.

Who hasn’t used cmd+f or ctrl+f to make a search on a given keyword and check how often it is repeated on a competitor’s description? Well, those days are now over.

Our new Keyword Density feature provides you with a list of the most repeated keywords in any given app description. Not only does it show you the most used keywords and the number of times they were repeated, it also gives you the percentage of times a keyword appears in an app description.

The Keyword Density list accounts for keywords that are repeated at least twice in the app description. We have chosen to only include keywords of at least 4 characters and have removed all stop words (please let us know if you still find some and we will remove them).

In the example below, we see that UberEATS uses the keywords “food” and “uber” 4 times in its app description, which means that both of these keywords count for about 2.45% of the whole description (density).

“Restaurants” is used 3 times (1.84% density), while “speed”, “local”, “love”, “ubereats”, “need”, “through”, “order” and “place” are repeated twice each (1.23% density).

Image Source: AppTweak

What makes this feature so handy is that you can easily change from one app description to another and check all your competitors’ keyword density with just one click! (see GIF below).

Image Source: AppTweak

By spying on your competitors’ most used keywords, you will be able to determine their strategies and therefore adapt your own keyword selection accordingly (defensive or offensive strategy).

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Keyword Picking Tool Now Improved

We have also added a new tab to our Keyword Tool, in the Keyword Picking section. To facilitate your keyword research and analyses, we have added all the most recurrent keywords in your app description, but also in your various competitors’ app description.

As we do for the Ranked Keywords and Paid Keywords features, we have added a list of Shared Keywords that both you and the selected competitor use multiple times in the app description. This helps you directly see which keywords and semantic fields you are both fighting for.

Image Source: AppTweak

AppTweak’s new Keyword Density feature provides a list of the most repeated keywords in any given app description. We now show you the most used keywords, the number of times they were repeated, and the percentage of times a keyword appears in an app description.

We sincerely hope that you will enjoy this new feature! Please let us know your feedback and feel free to submit your feature suggestions - we always listen. You can also take advantage of our free ASO tools to unlock a variety of insights and start growing your apps today!

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