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Google Play Install Keywords Official Data Now on AppTweak!

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[Updated - 11/09/2018] The Google Play Store Install Keywords are now available on AppTweak! Integrate your Google Console and discover the keywords bringing most installs to your Android app on the Google Play Store, along with the exact number of downloads they drive! Keep reading for more juicy details.

Google Play Store Installs per Keyword Unveiled

Did you ever want to know which keywords are searched by users to find your app or game in the Google Play Store? Well, this is now possible on AppTweak!

Late May, Google launched an update that shook the app industry. The Google Play Console introduced organic search data including installs per keyword coming from direct searches in the Play Store.

At AppTweak, we had already added a whole new set of Google Play data a while ago, providing keywords coming the Play Store Browse but also installs traffic sources.

Announced in January (read more in this post from ASO Stack) and confirmed in May during Google I/O’18, the Google Play Console will reveal the breakdown of Organic traffic coming from both Play Store Search (users who found your app while typing a search query in the Play Store) and from Play Store Browse (users who found your app by browsing the store categories, related or featured apps, etc.)

→ Click on here if you want to re-watch the official Google I/0’18 announcement on the new Google Play metrics.

In August 2018, Google rolled out the feature to all Android developers, they can now access the data in their Google Console. This data is also available on AppTweak so that you can access it directly in the tool while working on your ASO

Here’s what it looks like on your AppTweak dashboard! (the displayed data has been randomized).

Google Play Installs Keyword (organic)

Improve your impression, conversion and retention rates

The value of these new metrics is incredible. Not only they provide you with insights that will help you understand the exact sources of your organic traffic, they will also help you take better decisions in terms of user acquisition.

By knowing which exact keywords bring organic installs to your app, you will be able to refine your App Store Optimization strategy. If you target keywords with the highest conversion rates, you’ll increase your organic downloads considerably and therefore grow your business.

This new data also highlights the importance of long tail searches and helps you detect the best keyword combinations for your app.

You will be able to improve your keyword research, track your keywords more effectively and measure your keywords performance in a more accurate way!

That’s not it! With the retention rates of installs from these keywords and search terms, you can optimize your app metadata (app title, short description and long description) and improve your store listings.

Where can I find Organic Install Keywords on AppTweak?

We’ve got another good news for you: you can get this data in all our plans!

Follow our simple Google Play Store integration process:

1. Invite as a user to your Google Play Console (check here how to invite a user). You can use the “Financial Data” mode, no deeper permission is needed!

2. From there, choose which app(s) you’d like us to have access to.

3. Integrate your Google Play Console to AppTweak. Go to “My Account > Integrations”.

How to add a new integration on AppTweak ASO Tool

Click on “Add new Integration”.

Add Apple App Store or Google Play Console integration on AppTweak
Choose “Google Keywords (beta)” in the drop down.

How to get Google Play Store Install Keywords

Important: make sure enter the email address that has invited us. This email address should be the same email address as your Google Play Developer account which made the invitation.

Click on « Integrate » and wait for us to finalize the integration. Because we’re in beta, it may take a few hours for us to complete the integration but in a few days from now, the process will be much quicker!

4. That’s it! Your Google Play Store Installs keywords are now available on your AppTweak dashboard via “Analytics > Google Play Install Keywords”.

Which data will I get on AppTweak?

To clearly comprehend, we have integrated the data exactly as it is displayed on your Google Play Console.

Important: these keywords are not split by country. The table provides all search terms across all countries. Let’s hope Google offers a segmentation in the near future.

  1. Searched: the keywords and long term keywords driving installs to your app.

    “Other keywords” refer to the set of keywords bringing you a very low amount of organic downloads; that is why Google groups them together.

  2. Store listing: the amount of your app’s product page unique visitors (impressions) coming from each keyword.
  3. Installers: the unique downloads generated per keyword.
  4. Retention indicators:
    • 1-day: total installers (unique users who downloaded your app) retaining your app for 1 day.
    • 7-day: total installers retaining your app for 7 days.
    • 15-day: total installers retaining your app for 15 days.
    • 30-day: total installers retaining your app for 30 days.
  5. Conversion rate: below each row, you get the conversion rate (in %) showing you the conversion from one stage to another.

This data is available per month. Simply select the month you’d like to track at the top of the table.

Going further with Conversion, Retention rates history for all terms!

At AppTweak, we always simplify the analysis of the data for you. In addition to what Google’s data, we offer 3 graphs (located below the table):

Total Play Store Listing Visitors and Installs History for all terms

Check the Installs rate history between Total Play Store Listing visitors and installsThis line graph shows the total Store Listing Visitors of “all terms” and total installs of “all terms” over the last 6 months.

By default, we display the 6 most recent months for which we have data.

Conversion Rate History for all terms

View your Google Play Store Installs Keyword conversion rate history This line graph shows the Conversion rate of “all terms” between the number of installs over the number of listing visitors, for the past 6 months.

By default, we display the 6 most recent months for which we have data.

Retention Rate History for all terms

View your Google Play Store Installs Keyword retention rate history

This line graph shows the Retention rate of “all terms” over the past 6 months. 4 series are displayed on the same graph: 1-day; 7-day; 15-day and 30-day.

The retention rate after X days is calculated as follows: “number of retained installs after X-days over the total number of installs”.

By default, we display the 6 most recent months for which we have data.

Google Play Install Keywords also in our Keyword Tool!

In order to simplify your ASO routine, we you can also find your Install keywords via our Keyword Tool.

Similar to the logic applied to all our various Keyword Tool tabs, you can “pick” any keyword from your Google Play Install keywords by clicking on the one(s) you’d like to analyze. You can also click on “analyze all keywords” to add them all at once in your Keywords Analysis.

The Keywords Analysis will bring the usual indicators for each of these keywords such as the Search Volume (traffic score), the Competition, the KEI, the ranking history and more.

Where to find the Play Store Install keywords in the Keyword Tool:

  1. Find your app on AppTweak and go to your ASO Report.
  2. Go to the “Keywords” tab”.
  3. Click on “Google Play Install Keywords” and voilà!

Easy access to your keyword installs on the Google Play Store

[Discover here other Google Play Store data supported by AppTweak.]

Final Word on Google Play Installs per Keyword

This new set of data is literally a game changer. You can now finally see which search terms are driving the most visitors to your store listing and which convert best.

The new Google Play Store organic keywords data will definitely help you grow your business and help you take the right decisions, based on actionable and accurate data.

ASO is a powerful way to increase your organic downloads but it’s not always easy to find the right keywords for your app. With the actual number of impressions and installs generated by keyword, you’ll be able to improve your app visibility considerably by adjusting your app store listings.

We can’t wait to see which data Google (and Apple) will bring next. As usual, we’ll keep on updating our tool with the latest app store data and algorithm updates.

Once again, feel free to reach out with your suggestions, as we always improve our tool with your requests!

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