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Keywords Organic Downloads Distribution

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We’re happy to present a brand-new feature: Keywords Downloads. Find which keywords bring the most downloads to your app and to your competitors! All details below.

Keyword Intelligence Data

Last week we introduced you to our App Store Intelligence data with our unique Download and Revenue estimates. These data allow you to check any iOS app’s downloads and revenues over time and across different countries.

Understanding the market is capital in order to succeed in the App Store. Hopefully, tools like AppTweak provide all the data you need to audit, optimize and monitor your App Store Optimization (ASO) presence.

With the new Keywords Downloads feature, you can now get deep insights on your keywords performance in terms of installs. We are now able to determine which keywords bring you the most organic downloads to your app.

But that’s not it! You can also spy on your competitors’ keywords - or any other apps - from both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. This will help you understand from which keywords their downloads come from.

An effective Way to Understand Your Keywords Performance

Our Keyword Tool already provided lots of data and insights on keywords performance. Indeed, you can check any keyword Search Volume (popularity), level of competition and rankings over time, for any app.

You can also use the Keywords Monitoring section to track their rankings progression and find out which keywords are progressing the most or on the opposite, losing the most ranks.

To complete these sources of data, we have added Keywords Downloads, letting you know through which keywords an app is driving downloads and to which extend.

To be able to provide these keywords and estimates, we took the keywords for which the app is ranking the highest. Then, we checked the Volume for each of these keywords. Popular keywords with a high ranking will inevitably drive more downloads than less popular ones. Also, the app will get less downloads for keywords for which its ranking low.

Let’s take a look at UberEATS app in the US:

ubereats-1 ubereats-2

On the left, you get a pie chart displaying the spread of downloads per keywords. Right next to it, you have the details and the percentage of downloads for each keyword.

According to our algorithm, UberEATS gets 31,7% of its organic downloads through the keyword “ubereats”. It gets 10,1% downloads with “food delivery”; 9% with “delivery”; 6% with “eats” and 5,5% with “fast food delivery”.

Checking these keywords in the Keywords Analysis table, we see that UberEATS is ranking 1st for “ubereats” and that this keyword has the highest volume of searches (56) compared to the others.

All the other keywords are ranking UberEATS on the 3rd position, but we can see that their Volume varies. “Food delivery” has the second highest Volume and is consequently bringing more downloads than the other keywords.

Indeed, the higher the Volume, the higher the popularity and, therefore, the amount of searches made. The more searches, the highest chances of downloads.


You can get such insights for any app, in any supported country by AppTweak (over 70) and for both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

This new feature will certainly help you build your keyword strategy effectively.

Where can I find this new Keywords Downloads feature?

Simply go on an app’s ASO report and then on the “Keywords” tab. Then, click on “Downloads”. From there, you won’t have to do anything, the keywords and their spread will appear automatically.

We really hope that you’ll enjoy this new section! Feel free to let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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What do you think of this new feature?

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by ,  CMO at AppTweak

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