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NEW: Get your daily ASO Report in your Inbox

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Today, we’re introducing a brand new feature: “Daily Email ASO Report”. You can now quickly scan through your app’s ASO performance directly from your mailbox. How easy! All details below.

Your daily ASO Performance at your fingertips

As an app developer or marketer, you’ve probably already felt overwhelmed by your daily routine tasks. Hopefully, some tools like AppTweak can help you saving some precious time and actually improve the quality of your work. We’ve always been dedicated to provide you with the best tools and features that would make your App Store Optimization job easier and that would support your global mobile app marketing strategy. Today is the day that we make a step further by launching daily email ASO reports, which will be sent directly to your mailbox. These reports will provide you with an overview of your app’s performance but also of the performance of your competitors or any other apps that you have followed on AppTweak. The point is to provide you with a quick and handy compilation of your recent app store data without the need to login to AppTweak. Here are the data and insights you can get everyday in your inbox:

Country Rankings by Category

This section shows the app’s rankings per category (all categories, primary and secondary categories) and per country. You can also view the app’s rankings progression since the day before. If you follow an app in multiple countries, you’ll get the rankings data for each of them. This is actually very handy in order to see in which country your app is rising or dropping in the charts.


Top and Worst 5 Keywords Rankings Growth

This section aims at showing you any significant changes in your followed app’s keyword rankings. You can track the top 5 keywords progression of the various apps you follow. At the same time, you can view the worst 5 keywords progression. Plus, for each of these keywords, you can track the exact app rankings per followed language and country.


Daily Downloads & Revenue

If you’ve synchronized your iTunes Connect account to AppTweak, you will receive your daily downloads and revenue data in the email report as well. Here again, you get the spread per app and per country.


Reviews & Ratings

For each app you follow, you can read the 5 latest reviews including the rating and the name of the author, with a spread by country.


How can I get my daily email ASO Report?

The best part of this new feature is probably the fact that it is included in all plans totally for free. Our ASO report emails work under the opt-out policy. In other words, you have nothing to do if you want to receive your daily email summary. However, if you want to unsubscribe from these emails, all you have to do is to go under “My Account > My profile” and then uncheck the option “Daily Email ASO Report”. We hope that you’ll enjoy this feature as much as we did developing it! Feel free to give us your thoughts and impressions but also your features suggestions. We always listen. Don’t forget that the email report will provide data on the app that you follow. Make sure to choose them wisely!

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What do you think of our new daily email ASO report feature?

by ,  CMO at AppTweak

Laurie is CMO at AppTweak and joined the company in its early stages. She's passionate about new technologies and mobile marketing. Oh and also about sushis.