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This is it! iOS 11 will be released today – September 19. And guess what? AppTweak has already adjusted its App Store Optimization (ASO) report by including the new subtitle and promotional text metadata! Is your app ready for iOS 11? Wait no longer and start updating your app’s assets! All details below.

iOS 11: New Keywords Field to Index your App!

As already announced back in June at the WWDC17, Apple’s new operating system iOS 11 will include a new App Store, completely redesigned and offering a content-curated ecosystem.

Amongst the novelties, some changes are particularly interesting for you, app developers & marketers, especially in terms of App Store visibility and keywords discoverability.

Indeed, app product pages will be redesigned and new keywords fields will be available. The great news is that you will have more characters space, which will allow you to target more keywords and, therefore, increase your app’s visibility.

Check out all iOS 11 App Store changes and updates in this post.

Two of the most important new elements are the Subtitle and the Promotional text.

The Subtitle will have an important weight in the algorithm in terms of keywords rankings in the App Store.

The Promotional text will be an opportunity for you to seduce potential new users but will not be indexed on the App Store.

We’ve been working very hard lately and we are very proud to announce that these two new metadata fields have already been integrated in our tool!

We highly encourage you to update your app according to the new guidelines and available metadata. This is extremely important in order to optimize your App Store Optimization strategy and stay up-to-date with the best practices.

App Subtitle, a great complement to your App Title

The app Subtitle is a new 30-character keywords space that you can use as a complement to your app title. Speaking of which, you app name will be shortened to 30 characters (instead of 50).

The new Subtitle will be visible to users and located below the app title (above the screenshots).

Image Source: Apple


It is important for you to benefit from this additional space to use strong keywords, as they will be strongly used by the algorithm to index your app.

The best practice is to use your brand name with 1 or 2 very strong keywords in your app title, while using a catchy descriptive short sentence (including strong keywords as well) for your app subtitle.

As detailed in this blog post, we can’t be sure of the weight hierarchy behind the different fields but we can expect Apple to give more importance to the app Subtitle than to the Keywords Field (100-character, remaining the same as before).

This new field will appear on any app’s AppTweak ASO Report in a new section, between the App Title and the Promotional Text.

Image Source: AppTweak


As for other assets, you’ll be able to quickly visualize any app’s Subtitle and compare it to its competitors.

Image Source: AppTweak


Remember how important it is to benchmark your competitors’ ASO strategy in order to maximize your own strategy and increase your app’s visibility and keywords.

Promotional Text, to highlight offers and new features

Apple is also adding a Promotional Text field, which has a limit of 170 characters. This promo text will appear at the top of your app description. The main purpose of this new space is for you to let your users know about the latest news of your app/or special offers/features.

Apparently, this promo text will not be indexed in the App Store but it does remain important to fill it with relevant and strong keywords, as these will have an impact on the SEO of your app’s iTunes web page (indexed on Search Engines).

Actually, you will be able to update your Promo text at anytime, without necessarily updating your app (like for other fields).

Here again, we’re happy to announce that you’ll be able to view any app’s Promotional text on our ASO Report feature.

Image Source: AppTweak


Once again, we made it easy for you to monitor and benchmark your competitors Promo text on the same page.

Let us know your thoughts!

As usual, we would really appreciate to have your feedback on the addition of these new sections. We’d also love to hear your suggestions on other additions and features we could add on our tool.

We’re great listeners and always update our tool according to features requests.

Don’t wait any longer and start optimizing your app now!

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