Advanced App Store Keyword Research Guide

The app store search results are competitive and the space for optimization is limited. Hence, careful keyword research is a crucial step to increase your app or game’s rankings and visibility.

In this guide, you’ll find expert tips on how to find new keyword opportunities for your app.

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What you'll find inside

What you'll find inside
  1. Insights on how users search in the app stores

    Do people go to the App Store to find a specific app? Do customers use keywords in various combinations to search for your app? How do users find your app in the app stores?

  2. Ten tips to find new keyword ideas for your app or game

    Ideas to create a keyword list with relevant keywords for your app or game.

  3. Guidelines on how to choose the most relevant keywords

    Learning the best practices to make the most of your keywords included in your app metadata.

  4. How to identify weak spots among your competitors that you can leverage for your own app

    Know which keywords are generating the most downloads for your competitors to understand what is working for them and what not.

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